2012 Teaching and Learning Symposium

Welcome to the second annual

Teaching and Learning Symposium

When: April 26, 2012, 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: North Creek Event Center, UW Bothell

Sponsored by Teaching and Learning Center, Center for University Studies & Programs

The Symposium provides an opportunity for all of us in the teaching and learning community to share best practices, celebrate accomplishments and discuss the scholarship of teaching and learning in a forum dedicated to enriching the UW Bothell experience for faculty, staff, and students. 


Schedule at a Glance

10:30 - 10:35    Welcome 
10:35 - 11:35    Poster Session I
11:35 - 11:45    Break
11:45 - 12:45    Workshop with Dan Jacoby:

12:45 -   1:00    Break
  1:00 -   2:00    Poster Session II
  2:00 -   2:15    Wrap-Up

Poster Session 1

10:35 - 11:45

(Arti)Facts and Interpretation:
Inference and the Scientific Study of Animal Cognition

Nancy Kool, M.A. (CUSP)

Teaching Critical Thought by Examining Physics and Culture

Robin Barnes, Ph.D. (CUSP), and Peter Freeman (CUSP)

From Seattle's Boardrooms to Zambia's Community Centers

Leslie Ashbaugh, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)

Expanding Our Understanding of the Misconceptions that Biology Undgergarduates Have About Evolution

Rebecca Price, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences), T M Andrews, L S Mead, Ph.D., T L McElhinny, Ph.D., A Thanukos, Ph.D., K E Perez, Ph.D., C F Herreid, Ph.D., D R Terry, Ph.D., P P Lemons, Ph.D. 

We're Teaching, But Are They Learning? The UW Libraries Student Learning Goals Project

Leslie Bussert, MLIS (Library), Amanda Hornby (UW Seattle Library)

Using Computing Tools to Enhance Online Instruction

Mitchell Erikson (Computing and Software Systems)

Using Blog Assignments to Encourage Students to Connect In-Class Science Learning with Their Out-of-Class Personal Lives

Camilla Misa (Biology), Bryan White, Ph.D. (Science and Technology)

Enhancing the Student Experience: Canvas, Tegrity, and eTexts

Heidi Stahl (Information Technology, UW Seattle), Cara Giacomini, Ph.D. (Information Technology, UW Seattle)

Does Active Learning in Breakout Sessions Lead by Peer Facilitators Improve Student Learning in a Large Introductory Science Course?

Bryan White, Ph.D. (Science and Technology), Students in Science and Technology: Sherry Ancheta, Sindi Diko, Benjamin Noblitt, Nicole Rhode, Jacob Allen

Poster Session 2

1:00- 2:00

Adventures in the Use of Technology for Teaching

Mark Kochanski, M.S. (Computing and Software Systems)

Visualizing Interactive Learning

Diane Gillespie, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences), Chouchanik Airapetian, graduate student (Education), Students in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences: Suzanne Hensler, Jay Loomis, Chris McRae, Anna Morgan, Yana Merriam, Ronnie Thibault, Ashley Thorington, Candiece Rutherford 

Off the RAILS! The Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy Skills (RAILS) Project at UW Bothell

Jackie Belanger, Ph.D. (Library), Karen Rosenberg, Ph.D. (Writing Center), Beth Sanderson, MLIS (Library), Nia Lam, MLIS (Library), Linda Watts, Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences), Dani Rowland, MLIS (Library)

Qualitative Evaluation of RN-BSN Student Progress

Jerelyn Resnick, Ph.D., RN (Nursing), Linda Westbrook, Ph.D., RN (Nursing), Lena Hrsitova, RN, MN, Anna Sterner, RN, MN

Student Projects on Google Sites: Simplifying the Process

Jennifer Atkinson, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)

How to Support Peer Facilitators in a Large Introductory Science Course

Bryan White, Ph.D. (Science and Technology), Amber Caracol (Science and Technology), Ben Wiggins (Biology, UW Seattle)

Writing by the Numbers: Creating Assignments that Combine Quantitative Reasoning and Written Argument

Karen Rosenberg, Ph.D. (Writing Center), Erin Hill, Ph.D. (Quantitative Skills Center), Kris Kellejian, Ph.D. (CUSP)

Innovations and Findings of Seven Faculty Members Engaged in Community-Based Learning and Research - 2011-2012 Faculty Fellows

2011-2012 ICBLR Faculty Fellows:
Mabel Ezeonwu, Ph.D. (Nursing)
Dan Jacoby, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
Jin-Kyu Jung, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
Young-Kyung Min, Ph.D. (Education)
Amoshaun Toft, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
Camille Walsh, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
Linda Watts, Ph.D. (School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)

Disability Support Services
The University of Washington is committed to providing equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodations, please contact Disability Support Services at least ten days prior to the event at 425.352.5307, TDD 425.352.5303, FAX 425.352.5455, or email uwbdrs@uw.edu.  


















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