Annual Symposium - Scholarship for Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Session II Resnick

Enhancing Nursing Education and Practice through the Integration of Learning Technologies

Jerelyn Resnick, Ph.D., RN (Nursing)

This poster provides a context for exploring how selected learning technologies can be utilized to enhance graduate and undergraduate nursing education and practice, and how faculty can use these technologies as a springboard for re‐envisioning and expanding the boundaries of teaching and learning.  However, the focus of this poster is not limited to the interests of nursing faculty alone. It can also promote discussion of some of the challenges and opportunities faced by faculty in general as they transform long‐established and frequently‐updated existing courses to a hybrid or online format, or as they design new courses for a technologically mediated learning environment conducive to the kinds of cognitive, social and teaching presences described by Garrison and Vaughn (2010). Examples of assignments developed for existing undergraduate nursing courses during the Fall 2010 Hybrid Course Development Institute will be featured, as will samples of student in‐class and online responses to the assignments and my thoughts on possible revisions to the assignments and the courses. In addition, examples from a recently introduced graduate nursing course on technology‐enhanced pedagogy will illustrate how the impact of learning technologies can extend beyond both the classroom and the end of the quarter into the workplace, and can enhance the learning experiences of students of all ages.