Annual Symposium - Scholarship for Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Session I Caplow

Learning by Making: Art and Art History in the Classroom

Deborah Caplow (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)

I have developed a method of teaching the history of art and visual culture by assigning research‐based art projects in the courses I offer. My poster will present works of art by students, inspired by an artist or group of artists they have studied and researched from a scholarly vantage point. These works encompass a wide variety of media, including oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, collage, photography, photomontage, quilting, printmaking, sculpture, performance art, video and digital storytelling.

These final art projects are an innovative way for students to integrate art and art history, providing opportunities for them to synthesize more left‐brain learning experiences with right brain experiential learning and creative processes. The inventiveness and skill demonstrated by the work is especially impressive in view of the fact that many of these students do not have experience or background in the arts. Their works are spontaneous, thoughtful and imaginative, and reflect their direct engagement with art we study.

The poster will display photographic reproductions of student art projects and their accompanying essays, as well as some original works of art made in the following courses: Discovery Core: Revolutions of Art, Engaging Visual Arts, American Art and Architecture, Mexican Art and Culture, Art and Film, Art and Society in the Twentieth Century, and Art, Politics and Social Change. If it is technically feasible, I will also have a computer with students’ PowerPoint presentations, and I will invite students to come to the session talk about their own work.