Services for Small Business

How to Access BDC Services

If you're interested in using the services of the The Entrepreneurship Center (TEC), please take a moment to review our criteria:

We work primarily with following types of organizations:

  • Located in the Snohomish - King County region
  • Employ between 2-15 employees
  • At least 2 years in existence, and
  • Ready to pursue revenue and/or profit growth opportunities.

We work with individuals that are:

  • Willing to work with students and student led teams to achive objectives within a business learning enviroinment
  • Able to supply necessary information, data and business metrics for  anlysis and evaluation
  • Highly motivated to follow project recommendations and
  • Have realistic expectations concerning project outcomes

If these criteria describe you, and you're interested in talking with us, please download and fill out our request for services form or contact us.