Get Engaged

Whether you are a student, or a staff / faculty member, there are ways for you to get engaged with environmental sustainability here on campus. From research in the North Creek Wetlands, to taking up issues with waste disposal, to educating our peers about environmental sustainability, there are ample opportunities for any campus community member to take action and help sustain our environment.


The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (CACES) is the main advisory body that oversees any projects or initiatives related to environmental sustainability on campus. All meetings are open to the public, and the first 10 minutes of each meeting is reserved for any public issues that guests would like to bring to the table. For more information about CACES, and getting involved in the committee, follow the link below:

UWB / CCC Student Sustainability Organization

The University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College Student Sustainability Organization is a cross-campus student group aimed to promote and engage with both campuses on issues pertaining to sustainability, including planning our annual Earth Day celebration. Their mission as written on the organization web page:

"We are a joint campus, University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College student organization. As student leaders and ambassadors, our mission is to act as facilitators, promoters, and educators regarding sustainable practices. This includes ideas, information, initiatives, and projects on campus and within the surrounding communities. We are building a network that provides opportunities for interested parties to get involved and connect with each other regarding sustainability."

Follow the links below to learn more about and get involved with the UWB / CCC Student Sustainability Organization:

Courses & Research

We have a variety of courses focused in or related to environmental sustainability. Additionally, there are research opportunities for both students and faculty if you wish to pursue research in the field. Click the link below to discover academic opportunities related to environmental sustainability here at UW Bothell:

Quick Facts

  • UW Bothell has been herbicide-free since 2006
  • All campus lighting is high-efficient, 277 volt, with electronic ballasts.
  • Our campus uses only green cleaning products.
  • We have 58 acres of restored wetlands requiring 5,300 hours of labor to maintain.
  • We use Red Wrigglers worms to compost our garbage.
  • A computerized irrigation system saves water.
  • All HVAC and external lighting is controlled by automated systems.