Grounds & Built Environment

Since 2006, we have limited use of lowest toxicity pesticides, and have completely phased out the use of herbicides and pesticides in our gardening. Using management strategies based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), only organic methods are used to fertilize grass, plants & flowers and for weed and pest control. The campus uses goats, composting and a host of other solutions to create a beautiful campus.

While historic data on herbicide and pesticide use is not available, by adopting these types of practices, we have undoubtedly saved hundreds of gallons of chemical pesticide and herbicide concentrate, as well as many tons of chemical fertilizers, each year.

Overview of Practices:

  • Native plants are a major component of the landscape and propagate them from seed.
  • Goats are used to clear brush and weeds when available
  • Hot composting of garden waste, coffee cups, and coffee grounds. Worm composting of campus fruit and vegetable waste.
  • All expired newspapers from the library, and many cardboard boxes from all departments are absorbed into the landscape and contribute to soil building.
  • Use hundreds of yards a year of locally and on site generated woodchips as mulch.
  • Since 2004, thousands of Red Wrigglers have been eating our garbage, using principles of vermi-composting!  
  • We have tours from UW Bothell, Cascadia and elementary schools of our worm bins. 
  • Computerized irrigation system communicates with a weather station to conserve water.
  • Most campus lawns are not watered and allowed to go dormant in the summer.
  • Ongoing restoration of mature upland native forest habitat.
  • Diesel vehicles and equipment operate on 20% biodiesel fuel.
  • The Grounds Department supports horticulture student interns and service learning students, as well as sustainability focused outreach education and training to UWB and other local organizations and institutions.

With Nature in Mind: Organic Gardening

UW Bothell and Cascadia Community College have an inspiring staff that is leading the way in organic gardening and landscape management. This video explores and explains some of our management practices.

Click here to explore sustainability efforts within campus buildings and future construction.

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