Sustainability Metric - Climate & Greenhouse Gases

With atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations on the rise, impending climate instability, and issues such as ocean acidification, UW Bothell is extremely interested in minimizing our greenhouse gas footprint. In 2009, then Chancellor Kenyan Chan, as well as UW Seattle President Mark Emmert and UW Tacoma Chancellor Patricia Spakes, signed the American College and University Presdients' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). This allowed us to work across all three campuses to draft and begin implementation of the institution-wide UW Climate Action Plan, adopted September 2009.  

Our goal for total emissions is a 15% reduction from 2005 levels by 2020, a 36% reduction by 2035, and a near 60% reduction by 2050. For details on how we plan to get there, and periodic progress updates, we invite you to explore the Climate Action Plan (click to view).


Click here for GHG breakdown by scope

Greenhouse Gas emissions are broken down by scope. Scope 1 - emissions generated by UW Bothell on campus (e.g. burning natural gas for heating). Scope 2 - emissions produced by generating energy purchased by the UW Bothell (we purchase our electricity from Puget Sound Energy, and carbon intensity varies). Scope 3 - emissions produced off campus in support of UW Bothell work (ex: commuting & professional travel).

To discover more about GHG reporting, and what a ton of carbon really means, check out the following links:

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