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Are you interested in displaying your art in the SSC? All students, faculty and staff are welcome to apply to the Student Success Center Art Gallery, information below!

2017  Winter Art Gallery

This quarter the SSC partnered with Clamor to host an exhibition  featuring 12 artisits from the 2016 Clamor Journal!

By Morgan Thomas

Victor's Alpaca
By Kendall Wiggins

Watch Kendall Wiggins talk about her photograph:

Susan Deserved It
Acacia Thorng


Cannon Beach
Victoria Lemos


Blue Poncho
Tommy Tang


Butterfly Factory
Mudasir Zubair

Watch Mudasir Zubair talk about his piece:

Foggy Dock
Miguel Jimenez


Monica Dawn Dimaano


Artists work not pictured, Dana Doran, Brent Cox, Vivian Chuang and Corbin Louis - please stop by the SSC Art Gallery to see their works!

2016 Spring Art Gallery

by Jeremie Sanders

Artist Statement:
I have always been drawn to the surreal from having an overactive imagination. Some of the images I produce are of fantastical places and others eerily foreboding near future dystopias. 20th century propaganda posters fascinate me, and much of my inspiration is drawn from the ideas behind that style of imagery. Having been largely absent in my early work figurative subjects have been my recent exploration.

by Namita Paul

Artist Statement:
I am a MACS first year student at UWB. Unyielding was a set of visual responses to several readings, principally Nella Larson's "Quicksand" and Fae Myenne Ng's "Bone" as well as various essays and texts such as, “Labored Cloth” by Janis Jefferies, “Why is buying a ‘Madras’ Cotton Shirt a Political Act? A Feminist Commodity Chain Analysis” by Priti Ramamurthy, Ann Hamilton’s interview “Border Crossings,” and Helen Haejon Cho’s “Machine Dreams” to name a few, achieved over the course of the quarter at University of Washington, Seattle. This highly nuanced piece carries within it stories of migration, displacement, anticipation, struggle, endurance and defiance, and serves as an ode to Harriet Powers, a slave born African American woman who made two story quilts. Unyielding layers, collages, narrates and sews together diverse human practices, interwoven with my own experiences as a former fashion professional, an artist, a wife, a mother, and a woman of color, and presents them as one cohesive, interconnected whole.


2016 Winter Art Gallery

The Art & Practice of Disability Justice
By Yen Nguyen & Jordan Sharp

By Howard Hsu

Display your art

The Student Success Center is pleased to be able to offer the opportunity for the campus community to display their visual art, design and other creative two dimensional projects.  There are 16 floating black frames with a maximum image size of 20” by 26” (vertical or horizontal) to use for display of student, faculty and staff work. Artwork may be floated or mounted within the frame.  Student work will be given priority. Artwork and creative projects will be on display for the entire quarter unless alternative arrangements are made at the time of the application. 

Please visit the Student Success Center to see the frames and locations before submitting your proposal.  You may apply to use one, a few or all of the frames depending on your project.  We have asked for a mock-up of the planned display so that you understand the display space and the vetting committee understands how you intend to use the display space. We understand that your mock up may not be the final exhibition but want you to work within the display space and dimensions.

To apply

Please send the information below to Anna Jansen, Student Success Center Events Coordinator, to review with committee, jansena@uw.edu.

  1. Project Title:  
  2. Project Description (not to exceed one page).  This can include the inspiration for the work, concept, theme, project goals and objectives, results, future directions, artist’s statement as well as a description of the displayed work, including materials and photographs. 
  3. Benefit of display to campus community:
  4. Student, staff and/or faculty participants:
  5. Primary contact information (name, phone number and e-mail):
  6. Sketch or mock-up of the planned display (if possible):

A vetting committee will make selections 3 weeks before the end of the quarter and then work with the project teams right after final exams each quarter to mount the displays.  If you would like to serve on the vetting committee or would like to nominate someone to serve, please let email Anna Jansen (email shown above).  We will repeat this process every quarter, soliciting applications mid-quarter and rotating the displays after exams.  

If you project is chosen, we will ask you to provide a brief description of each work and a brief artist’s statement from each artist involved in the project. If you are submitting a proposal for a group project a collective project description and/or collective artist statement would be fine.  These descriptions and statements will accompany the work while on display.

The Student Success Center is not responsible for any damaged or stolen pieces of work in the gallery.


Did You Know?

Forty-nine percent of UW Bothell's first year students are the first in their families to attend college.