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Health Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance Coverage

For the 2013 through 2014 Plan Year:  (September 20, 2013 – September 19, 2014)

The Student Health Insurance Plan for 2013-2014 for the University of Washington Bothell is administered and underwritten by LifeWise Assurance Company.  All claims are processed by LifeWise Assurance Company in Seattle.  We encourage you to review the brochure carefully.  To review the brochure, and for enrollment information, please visit 

If you have any questions please contact LifeWise Assurance Company:  Toll Free (800) 971-1491 or TDD for Hearing-Impaired (800) 842-5357.

Important Enrollment Information
Enroll online by visiting the LifeWise website at and accessing their enrollment tool. Premium must be submitted at the time of enrollment.

Enrollment begins with the pre-registration period and ends on the third Friday of each quarter (the same as the tuition due date). You will not be enrolled in the plan just by submitting premium payment. 

All formally admitted matriculated students at the University of Washington Bothell are eligible to enroll. Students must remain enrolled in classes for the first 7 calendar days of the quarter during the quarter in which you enroll for coverage.
The following students are not eligible to enroll in this plan: Access Program, Certificate programs, Training workshops, Distance Learning, English as a Second Language, Noncredit classes, Conferences or Institutes, TA/RA/SA Appointees or UW and other state employees attending classes under the Employee Tuition Exemption Program.
Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 7 days after the date for which coverage is purchased. Home study, correspondence, and television (TV) courses do not fulfill the Eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes.

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