Student Government Elections 2014-15

UWB Student Government
2014-2015 Fall Elections

During the fall term elections, the student body will vote on the next First-Year and Graduate Student Senators.


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Voting begins Monday, November 3rd. You'll find the link here when it begins.

Schedule of Elections

Mon, Oct 27 – Campaigning begins 8am

Mon, Nov 3 – Voting begins online

Fri, Nov 7 – Campaigning and voting ends

Mon, Nov 10 – Election results released

Senator Responsibilites Summary*

  • Attend weekly ASUWB meetings on Tuesdays 8AM-10AM
  • Quarterly meetings with ASUWB advisor
  • Survey and represent constituents, report Senate business to constituents
  • 6 weekly office hours
  • vote on legislation
  • Support execution of ASUWB events
  • Average total commitment of 8-10 hours of work per week including office hours and meetings

*Complete position described in ASUWB Bylaws Article V Section II (see link below)

**Position receives stipened and provides great involvement experience and a great stepping stone into other ASUWB positions.

Feel free to contact us with specific questions about the position and expectations.


2014-2015 ASUWB Fall Elections Candidate Packet

ASUWB Bylaws (Senator Duties in Article V Section II)

Voting is closed will begin Monday, November 3rd

Applications are closed

Contact the Committee


UWB Student Government
2014-2015 Elected Candidates

*Vote Tallies*


James Anderson

Vice President

Brittany Monares

Director of Business Operations

David Edwards

Director of Government Relations

Jessica Hernandez

Director of Student Advocacy

Zynia Chapman

Director of Public Relations

Sara Grossie

Senior Senator

Brian Hoang

Yara Khalaf

Junior Senator

Alicia Lookabill

Sophomore Senator

Marc Bueno

The reason why I want to be a member of Student Government is because I want to make a change in the UWB community. I was inspired by the stories I heard about ASUWB. A specific story I heard was the creation of the sports field. Some people do not think much about the field, but for me, I could not see UWB without the field. If there was no field, I would not have many friends because the field helped me connect and become friends with fellow students due to our common interest of sports. Without the field, I truly believe the school would not be as connected as it is now. The field inspires me to get involved with Student Government and be a member of a similar change. As a member of Student Government, I want to be the connection for the students to help them get their voice and ideas heard.  Becoming a member of Associated Students of University of Washington will allow me to achieve my goal of being a part of a change at UWB and give me the role of connecting the students to the university.

Justin Han

As a student of the University of Washington Bothell, it is to my belief in our education system there is but one thing that is the golden rule to all policies, adaptation. The university itself has been gracious to our core beliefs of being open to change, and providing the best for their students. However there is more room for improvement. I wish to advocate for those who do not speak up, for the students who haven’t voiced their concerns. This is our school, therefore I wish to help be part of the change, and contribute to the system. Our student body consists of a variety of students from commuters, to students who live in housing needless to say all will benefit better communication. School should not be a chore, nor should learning be a tiresome task! Students pay the institution for knowledge however knowledge itself would be an understatement. Over here we can find students of every major with different dreams and goals in life. The networking opportunity is a wealth itself that would go to waste if students were not to take advantage of it. Therefore as a running candidate for the senator of the Associated Students of University of Washington Bothell, I would like to promote the underlining principle of fun, leaving fond memories for students to reminisce of!


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Candidate Profiles


Voting begins Monday, November 3rd