Occupy Discrimination

Occupy Discrimination: Love United is a month of events that promote diversity and acceptance on the UW Bothell campus.

To RSVP for the events on January 10th, visit https://orgsync.com/37906/forms/show/42625

Monday, January 9th


Tabling: GSA- Campaign Kick Off

Location: Commons & Kodiak Corner

The GSA will be present to hand out buttons and t-shirts as well as hold information sessions about the Zero Tolerance Policy on Discrimination.


Tuesday, January 10th


Jessica Pettitt, Sticks and Stones: LGBT 101

Location: Mobius Hall

Limited Space, Must RSVP on HuskySync

What better way to learn about sexual identities than to list out social norms, stereotypes, media images, rumors, jokes, and slang!  This is a safe space for any and all kinds of interactive discussions regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Heterosexual identities.  By then comparing themes of these messages learned for these different groups, we can then have a much deeper conversation about class, race, educational access, citizenship, ability assumptions, etc.  By understanding our language we can hold ourselves accountable to building an inclusive environment for all (regardless of sexual identity).


Tuesday, January 10th



Jessica Pettitt, Social Justice: When Diversity Isn’t Enough

Location: Mobius Hall

Limited Space, Must RSVP on HuskySync

What is the difference between Social Justice and Diversity?  As a leader, change agent, and person working and living with other people- this difference is imperative.  Learn the difference, stretch from your comfort zone, sit in your privilege, power, and place of dominace within institutional and systematic forms of oppression in this highly interactive program.


Wednesday, January 11th


Keynote-Jessica Pettitt, “Be the Change You Want to Be”

Location: Mobius Hall

Open to Campus Community and Guests

Often, student groups ask a speaker to come in and make the group feel good, laugh, and learn something.  This keynote does two of the three, at least at first. Using an interactive conversational style, this keynote encourages participants to play with their cell phones, raise their hands, and laugh out loud.  Collectively, the group begins to break down behaviors, actions, assumptions, and stereotypes that limit their organizations, friends, and most importantly themselves.


Thursday, January 12th



Tabling: ACLU

Location: Food For Thought


Tuesday, January 17th


Tabling: Human Rights Campaign

Location: Food For Thought


Wednesday, January 18th



Tabling: Bothell Police Department

Location: Food For Thought


Thursday, January 19th


Movie: I Love You, Phillip Morris

Location: Commons

Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) leads a seemingly average life – an organ player in the local church, happily married to Debbie (Leslie Mann), and a member of the local police force. That is until he has a severe car accident that leads him to the ultimate epiphany: he’s gay and he’s going to live life to the fullest – even if he has to break the law to do it. Taking on an extravagant lifestyle, Steven turns to cons and fraud to make ends meet and is eventually sent to the State Penitentiary where he meets the love of his life, a sensitive, soft-spoken man named Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts him to attempt (and often succeed at) one impossible con after another.

From http://www.phillipmorrismovie.net/about


January 23rd-27th

No Name-Calling Week

No Name-Calling Week is an annual week of educational activities aimed at ending name-calling of all kinds and providing schools with the tools and inspiration to launch an on-going dialogue about ways to eliminate bullying in their communities.  This event is sponsored in conjunction with GLSEN Washington.


Tuesday, January 24th


Tabling: GLSEN

Location: Food For Thought


Friday, January 27th


Performer: Andrea Gibson

Location: Mobius Hall

Andrea Gibson is not gentle with her truths.  It is this raw fearlessness that has led her to the forefront of the spoken word movement- the first winner of the Women’s World Poetry Slam- Gibson has headlined prestigious performance venues coast to coast with powerful readings on war, class, gender, bullying, white privilege, sexuality, love, and spirituality.




Did You Know?

About 91 percent of all UW Bothell students are from the state of Washington.