Student Life

Freshmen Orientation Frequently Asked Questions


We know you have lot of questions about Orientation, hopefully this page will help you out. If we did not answer your question here, please contact us at or 425-352-5266.

What will I be doing at Orientation?
Just like when you start a new job, you will be required to attend some kind of orientation.  It's at Orientation where you will learn about the UWB culture, where things are located on campus, what resources and services are available to you, and gets tips on what it takes to be successful at the University of Washington.  This is your time to get acclimated to the campus before you are hit with classes and homework!  It's also your time to meet people.  At Orientation, you will connect with a cohort of other new students that will soon be the friends you will study with and hang-out with when you are not in class.  You will also connect with an Orientation Leader that will be assigned to you for your first quarter at UWB. 

I am a student with special needs, who do I contact to make accommodations?
Contact the Disability Support Office (DSS)
Phone: 425-352-5307, TDD: 425-352-5303 or FAX: 425-352-5455

When do I register for my classes?
You will register for your fall classes at the end of your Orientation Session.

What will my parents do during Orientation?
Students and Families will each have a specific Orientation Session to attend. Parent Orientations are on a different date than the student orientations. We do recognize that some families will be traveling from out of town to attend orientation, and because of this we have student and parent programs that run over consecutive days. We will have more activities for students while your parents are going through orientation. It is important that Students have the opportunity to get to know one another without being worried or distracted by their parents. Attending college is often one of the first steps into adulthood. Part of this transition is making some of these important decisions on your own. Unlike High School, the responsibility will more readily fall on the student for making these decisions. We have created sessions for parents to assist their students in their transition to college and adulthood. The parent orientation program is designed to address the specific questions that parents have.  They will learn about the many resources and services as well as the logistics of financial aid and paying tuition. In addition, they will get tips on how they can support you while you face the rigors of a university education. 

What if my family/parents can not attend Orientation?
No worries, it is not mandatory for families to attend, it can just help answer some of their questions.

When do I get my UWB/Husky ID card?
You will get your UWB Husky ID card at your Orientation program.  Please remember to bring a photo id.

Who is my Orientation Leader and how do I contact them?
There are 11 Orientation Leaders this year who are so excited to work with you. Your OL will be contacting you in the Spring to make sure you are registered to attend an Orientation.  They will meet them for the first time at your Orientation session.  In addition, you will be invited to attend a Husky Adventure with your OL prior to the start of classes.  More information on Husky Adventure Program will be sent to you this Spring.