UW Bothell Alert

The SR-522/I-405 exit ramp to the south entrance of the UW Bothell/Cascadia CC campus will be closed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 17 until further notice. Drivers are advised to take the Beardslee exit (195th street) as an alternative.


Wellness on Wheels



It is our portable way of providing YOU with a quick and personal workshop on a range of wellness topics, from nutrition and physical health to alcohol education, emotional and mental health upkeep tips, safe sex and abstinence packets...etc.

* Wellness on Wheels:

- Try This Instead! Nutrition
- Spin ze Wheel of Alcohol Knowledge
- Wellness Packets giveaway
- Sun Safety
- Safe Sex is Sexy
- Destress

Keep an eye out for more Wellness on Wheel's strolling your way!

If you ever have a suggestion or would like to see us create a Wellness on Wheel for a Health Topic/Issue you would like more information on, let us know! Use the suggestion box to submit an idea and you might just see it happen a few weeks later!



Did You Know?

The School of STEM will offer four new degrees in 2014.