Meet the HEROs

Meet the HERO's


Shauniece Drayton

Hello, my name is Shauniece Drayton and I am a senior at UW Bothell in the Community Psychology program. I am very passionate about overall health and wellness and hope to work for a non-profit organization that focuses on preventative programs in educating young adults on provocative health topics. I recently visited Zambia Africa and worked with young girls on issues of education, and women’s empowerment which only strengthened my passion on these health topics.  My hobbies include baking, hiking, biking, Zumba, and arts and crafts. I decided to join the HEROs for a second year hoping to inspire students to lead a healthy lifestyle, and promote overall wellness. I really enjoy planning events and programs for students to get involved and learn something new about health, the campus, or themselves.

Jee Paik

I'm senior at UWB, majoring in Global Studies. Originally, I'm from South Korea and this year is my sixth academic year in the states. I joined the HEROs because I have always been enthusiastic about fitness and nutrition. I want to promote students having healthy lifestyle by including regular exercise schedules and having a healthy diet. In addition, having healthy communication between two individuals or in a group is also one of my interest areas that I want to focus on researching.


Waseem Sbait

Hi, my name is Waseem Sbait. I am a senior studying to get my degree in Global Studies and a first year HERO. I am into sports and physical fitness as well as overall health. I have a background in Martial arts, various sports and weightlifting.


Kathleen Luu

Hi UWB! I am a senior at the University of Washington Bothell majoring in Biology. After college I want to pursue working in laboratory research as well as go into the medical field for my graduate studies. As the HERO’s Marketing Assistant for this year, I want to show students on campus a whole new perspective of what it means to live in health and wellness. I consider one of the most important things a college student can incorporate in their lifestyle is learning how to relax the mind and have a healthy positive perspective.


Kaylynn Crider

Hi there, my name is Kaylynn Crider I’m currently a junior majoring in Community Psychology with a minor in Human Rights. I also plan to attend grad school in the future in hopes of achieving my goal of becoming an Industrial Organizational Psychologist.  As a first year HERO I am so excited to meet many new faces and hopefully make a lasting impact in the area of health as a peer educator with my team. I believe a healthy life style promotes not just physical wellness but mental and behavioral as well. I enjoy kayaking, running, painting and reading, and of course making homemade juice with fresh fruits and vegetables!

Ariella Davenport
 Hei! I am Ariella Davenport, a sophomore and a first year HERO. I’m thinking about majoring in Biology and minoring in Ecological Restoration.  Soon I hope to become a Medical Technologist to help conservation of countries’ biological resources and community development in need of natural correction. I am excited about studying abroad and learning other cultures. I’m also very interested in the archaeology, history and language of Latin America, Greek and Egyptian cultures in particular. In my experience as a peer health educator, I am excited to teach other students about health, nutrition and awareness so we can all have happier and healthier relationships and lifestyles!


Did You Know?

Forty-six percent of UW Bothell's first year students are the first in the families to attend college.