Brian Bartley

Quality Control and More
Brian Bartley
Quality Engineer, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Because the title for IAS is one that most people can't readily understand, I was a bit unsure about the degree after I graduated.  I was drawn to the program because of the diverse breadth of classes offered; I believed a diverse education would benefit me more than would a narrowly defined program.  I am a bit of a chameleon and have done very well in different levels of my work and personal life.  My IAS degree filled many of the holes in my education, allowing me to bridge the experiences in my life to build a strong outlook to my new life.

After graduation I did contract work as a quality engineer because it matched my background.  I was picked up by a company that is manufacturing parts for the new Boeing 787.  My degree was instrumental in my success there because I had the opportunity to work with international companies.  My degree helped me to see situations from international perspectives, allowing me to negotiate an out-of-the-box deal that resulted in saving the contractor $4.3 million dollars annually over the next twenty years.  This little snippet in my resume attracted an offer from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in Savannah Georgia.  I am working as a quality engineer with the Mexican branch of the company.  So much for the three quarters of Japanese!

Diversity was a major focus during my recent orientation in this position and is a major buzzword for international businesses today and for the future.  The IAS degree core tenants are to embrace, understand, and amplify diversity.  Employers desire this well rounded education as the world becomes smaller through globalization.

As a Gulf War disabled Vet I was very fortunate to have the assistance of the disabilities and student services departments.  The entire faculty and staff are incredibly helpful and supportive.  I know this all sounds like a paid advertisement for the university, but I can honestly say that University of Washington Bothell changed my life and I know it will change yours for the best.