Mission Statement

UW Bothell is invested in learning more about the childcare needs of the UW Bothell community, and your input is vital. For parents who work or attend school (or both), we know your child is your top priority. Here are some resources that are available to you and your family.


If you have a child who is 10 years old or younger or if you may have or adopt children within the next 2 years, we would appreciate your taking part in this survey. The survey results will provide valuable information to UW Bothell about the childcare concerns of those in our community. The Childcare Advisory Council and Chancellor’s leadership team are collaborating with Mills Consulting Group to conduct this survey. The survey will open from April 12, 2017 and closes at noon on Friday April 21, 2017.

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Funding towards childcare assistance will be available to qualifying students in addition to already granted financial assistance. Learn more about childcare assistance or

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Resources for faculty and staff

We understand that you face health and family challenges in your personal life. There may be times that you need to take time off from work to deal with those challenges.

What is FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a federal law, protects you from negative impacts to your job when you take leave for any of the following reasons:

  • A serious health condition, either yours or a family member’s
  • Prenatal medical care or incapacity due to pregnancy and/or delivery
  • Time to bond with your new baby or newly placed adopted or foster child
  • Qualifying activities (exigencies) related to a family member’s military active duty
  • A serious injury or illness of a family member who is a current member of the armed forces or a veteran

For complete information, visit the University of Washington FMLA website. 

The Parent Union

In spring 2016, a Childcare Advisory Committee presented recommendation to the vice chancellor for administrative services regarding childcare at UW Bothell. Read the recommendations.

For more information and resources for parent-students, visit The Parent Union website. This page is maintained by Ruth Medina, who is a member of the Childcare Advisory Committee at the University of Washington Bothell.

Title IX

Pregnant and parenting students have rights in higher education and resources available to them because of their family status.  For the complete policy, see the Office of Civil Rights page on Title IX.

Key Title IX provisions include:

  • Recruitment, admissions, and counseling; financial assistance; athletics; sex-based harassment.
  • Treatment of pregnant and parenting students; discipline; single-sex education; and employment.