Intramural Activities

Intramural FAQ

What are Intramural Activities?

Intramural Activities are a variety of organized leagues, tournaments and sports activities.

Who is eligible to participate?

Current University of Washington Bothell students may participate for no additional fee other than what is paid with tuition.

University of Washington Bothell Faculty and Staff are eligible to participate after paying a $35 quarterly fee to the Cashier's Office.

Cascadia Community College students are eligible to participate after paying a $40 quarterly fee to the Kodiak Corner.

Why should I get involved?

Intramural Activities offer activities that promote fun and fair play. Among other benefits, they are a great way to meet new people, relieve stress, build self-esteem and provide leadership opportunities for those who participate.

How do I get on a team or sign up for an event?

Intramural Activities not only provide sports and activities for your athletic enjoyment, we also offer character building employment as Sport Officials, Recreation Supervisors and other internal staff positions. If you want to get involved as a participant or staff, here are some helpful tips on ways to get information:

What are the fees to participate?

There is no additional cost to UWB students for participation in Intramural Activities. The Services and Activities Fee you pay with tuition covers it!

UWB Faculty and Staff who wish to participate must pay a $30 quarterly fee to the Cashier's Office.

Cascadia Community College students who wish to participate must pay a $40 fee to the Kodiak Corner.

Do I need to sign any forms or get a medical examination before I participate?

All participants of Intramural Activities are required to complete a waiver of liability form and assume the risk of injury, which you will do when you sign up on IMLeagues. The University of Washington Bothell, its employees and agents shall not be liable for injury to person, nor loss/damage to personal property arising from or in any way resulting from participation in Intramural Activities. We recommend that all participants get a physical examination from their doctor prior to playing in Intramural Activities.

Do I need to bring my University ID Card to every event?

Yes, Intramural Activities require every member of your team to present a valid Husky Card or CCC ID when checking into your team's game/activity.

Do I have to provide my own equipment?

There is equipment available for checkout at the events. Sometimes the amount available is limited, so please arrive early and keep it only for the duration of your contest.

How do I reserve the Sports & Recreation Complex?

The Sports & Recreation Complex is permitted for use by UWB/CCC campus community for recreational use. University of Washington Bothell students and quarterly fee paying Cascadia Community College students and UWB Faculty and staff may reserve the Complex. Intramural Activities has first priority for scheduling at the Sports & Recreation Complex.

For more information about reservation of the Sports & Recreation Complex, email Betsy Brown.

How do I become a Sports Official?

Any individual interested in becoming an Intramural Sports Official at UWB should email Betsy Brown, Program Manager of Recreation and Wellness. You do not need to have experience to officiate, we'll train you!

Is it possible to reschedule a game?

It is not possible to accommodate most reschedule requests. However, if your team finds that more than half of the players have academic conflicts, you may file a request. To do so, please email Betsy Brown, Program Manager of Recreation and Wellness for consideration.

How do I find out when my team is playing?

Schedules for current events can be found on IMLeagues.

How many people are on a team?

There are not a maximum number of people that you can have on your roster. You can add legal players whenever you need to. The minimum number of players that a team needs is determined by the sport specific rules.

How many teams may a participant play on?

For each activity, a person may play on one Men's or Women's team an done Co-Rec team. Once a person plays for a team they are considered a member of that team for the remainder of the season.

What if I don't have a full team to play with?

If you do not have a full team you can still participate by signing up as a free agent. You can either sign up to be a free agent or use the list to form a team of your own.

Didn't get your questions answered?

Check out our Intramural Activities Participant Guide (coming soon) and if you can find what you're looking for, email the Program Manager of Recreation and Wellness, Betsy Brown.