Plan a Club Event


One of the most important activities a club does is plan events. Whether regular club meetings or elaborate programs, most clubs use some sort of event to meet their goals. The primary responsibility of the Club Council is to support clubs in making these events possible, whether that is through sharing advice or knowledge, acting as free consultants for event planning, or providing funding.

The Services and Activities Fee Committee (SAF) has provided the Club Council with funds to assist clubs in making activities and events possible. These funds are allocated based on many criteria and carry some restrictions. Some of these policies include: that the event/service must primarily benefit and/or target UW Bothell students; that the event must be initiated and controlled by UW Bothell students; that advocating for legislation or partisan political activity is prohibited; and that SAF funds cannot be used to make gifts or loans.

The complete SAF Bylaws (including funding criteria and restrictions), can be found online at or at the Student Life Front Desk in the UW1 Lower Level Vista. Club Council will create and publicize a funding plan each academic year with its criteria for funding requests based on the allocation it received from the SAF Committee.

Basic Steps to Planning an Event

  • Plan event or purchase and research any and all costs
  • Submit budget request in OrgSync
  • Present request at Club Council meeting
  • Wait for request to be approved
  • Meet all conditions Club Council set for approval
  • Work with Club Council and Student Engagement & Activities to facilitate event
  • Execute event
  • Assess event for success

The Club Council allocates funds to clubs. Clubs must make a request to the Club Council, receive approval, and meet any conditions on that approval before they can spend the funding.

Plan the Event

First things first

  • Why do we program and have events?
  • Know your team.
  • What is your mission?
  • What goals would you like to accomplish?
  • What do you want to accomplish as a team?

Assess needs and interests

  • Match purpose to target audience
  • Is there a need for a certain program?
  • Is there an interest for a certain program?

Develop a purpose

  • Why do you want to host this particular program?
  • What do you want to accomplish with this particular program?
  • What is the team’s vision from the program?
  • If something changes will your purpose still be met?


  • Remember club mission, target audience, event purpose
  • No idea is a bad idea
  • Assume no limitations for programs and marketing and let the creativity flow!
  • After brainstorming, narrow down ideas based on: event goals, time, funding, space, volunteers
  • Have buy in from all team members!

Plan program

  • Use a programming check list to organize tasks
  • Set the budget. Consider the following questions: How much money do you need? Do you have multiple funding sources? What are you allowed to purchase? What additional costs should you think about (supplies, decorations, shipping, travel, gratuity, sales tax, etc.)
  • Set possible dates, time, locations for your program. Start “backwards planning” and creating a timeline. Consider other campus events.

Every event requires collaboration of many different offices. Therefore budget requests must be submitted well in advance

  • 3 weeks in advance for meetings, or equipment/supplies purchase (please note that 3 weeks is the minimum required by Campus Events and Conference Services, but the campus is growing and space is becoming extremely tight, so clubs should reserve rooms as soon as possible)
  • 4 weeks for events and programs
  • 5 weeks or more for films and events requiring contracts

The Club Council cannot guarantee that requests submitted later than the suggested timeline can be fulfilled.

The SAF Bylaws also explicitly state what items can be purchased or not purchased. Please see the Club Council or a Student Engagement & Activities advisor for a better understanding of what can or cannot be purchased and for what purpose.

OrgSync Budget Requests

The budget request form contains the elements needed by student groups to plan an event on the UW Bothell campus. The form can only be filled out by a trained officer. Remember to submit budget requests as far in advance as possible. See Event Planning Timeline above. After the budget request is received, the Club Council will contact the club to present at the next Club Council meeting. This is an opportunity for the Club Council to support the club in making their event happen. They may offer suggestions, recommend promotional opportunities, and help you find other clubs or offices to collaborate with. The Club Council may then approve the request subject to their published funding guidelines. If the request is approved, and the club has been notified that they have met all conditions that the Club Council has set (e.g., confirming a room reservation or getting a food form approved), then the club may begin purchasing items. The club must work with Student Engagement & Activities advisors to facilitate purchases using the purchasing options they provide.

OrgSync budget requests reminder:

  • Submitting a budget request does NOT guarantee that a club will be allowed to hold the event.
  • Clubs should check the SAF bylaws to make sure any funding requests fit within the spending guidelines.
  • The request must receive event approval from the Club Council before proceeding with the event, advertising it, or making purchases for it.
  • Clubs may consider speaking with the Club Council or a Student Engagement & Activities advisor before submitting a budget request so that it is in good shape for the Club Council. Groups must receive prior approval from the Club Council and Student Engagement & Activities via OrgSync before they can spend funds. No group may ever spend money without approval. Clubs may consider collaborating with other clubs (including those at Cascadia Community College), other student organizations, academic departments, or community organizations for greater resources or publicity for their events.

To submit a budget request, go to your club's page in OrgSync.  Click “Treasury” in the left bar, then click on “Budgets”. Then click “New Budget” in the upper-right corner.
Read the instructions and complete the form with as much detailed information as possible. Please be sure to account for facilities in your requests (i.e. extra garbage disposal) as well as if you need something from IT (i.e. setting up a projector). Make sure you complete all necessary request forms as needed (IT, food, etc).
Budget requests should be submitted consistent with the timeline under "Basic Steps to Planning an Event" shown above. Budget requests are reviewed by the Club Council each week during the regular quarter, Autumn through Spring. Club Council will contact you about your budget request and invite you to attend their next meeting.

Spending Club Funds

A club can only begin spending after approval from Club Council and Student Engagement & Activities via OrgSync. You must work with Student Engagement & Activities to determine the most appropriate purchase method for each planned expenditure.