Promoting Your Event

Student Life offers a number of resources for organizations to market on campus.


Please fill out the printing request form that can be found in HuskySync under forms. Student Groups can print two large posters per month. If student groups find that they need additional posters, they will need to seek outside printing services. The Printing Request form can be found in HuskySync under ‘Forms.’ Printing can take a few days so please submit printing requests well in advance See the Campus Posting Policy for information on how to display your posters. Speak with a Student Assistant if you need to seek approval for additional copies. Any students making posters must clean up the work space after use.

  • All posters must contain the following:
  • Group name
  • Date, time, and location of your event
  • Contact information (no personal telephone numbers please.)
  • Add the SAF and Clubs & Organizations word marks
  • Add the ASUWB, CEB, or any other co‐sponsoring organizations’ logos or word marks
  • All flyers and banners must include the following disability statement in at least size 10pt font:

o “The University of Washington Bothell is committed to providing equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education, and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodations, please contact Disability Support Services at least ten days prior to the event at 425.352.5307, TDD 425.352.5303, Fax 425.352.5455, or email

Black and White/Color 8.5x11 copies

As a service, the Office of Student Life will make up to 35 black/white photocopies per month for each student group. Student groups are asked to send in a printing request via the HuskySync printing request form. Please submit your printing request one week before you would like to have the copies finished.

Large Banners

There is butcher paper, markers, pens, and other supplies for student groups to create large posters/banners. Please see the posting policy for more information about posting banners. Any students making banners must clean up the work space after use.

Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards may be placed on campus, in designated areas, to publicize events. Boards can be placed along the Promenade, in front of the entrance of the Commons, and near the Library entrance. To check out a sandwich board, visit the Student Life Vista and speak with a Student Assistant. Groups may post for a maximum duration of one week. Please request one week prior to using this service. The office has 5 sandwich boards available to check out: 1 silver, 2 white, and 2 black.

Wednesday Update and BS Times

The Wednesday Update is a weekly email publication containing The Office of Student Life events, sent out to all UWB students on Wednesdays. The BS Times is a bi‐weekly print publication of the Office of Student Life events, posted in bathroom stalls in UW1 and UW2 every other Friday. These services are only available to groups that are funded by student fees. For groups who are not funded by student fees, we suggest you submit your event information to The Buzz at Please submit information to the Wednesday Update and BS Times via HuskySync in the Forms section

Display Cases

Four display cases are available on the lower level of the UW1, and in the Student Life Vista. These are available for clubs to reserve for promoting their organization and events. Speak to a Student Life Assistant in the Student Life Vista to schedule usage. Groups may post for a maximum duration of two weeks. Please request one week prior to using this service by emailing

Popcorn Machine

Schedule use of the popcorn machine at the Student Life Desk or email Please file a request one week prior to using this service. At check‐out, student assistants will provide trainings to those individuals that have not used the popcorn machine before.


Schedule use of the Karaoke system at the Student Life Desk or email Please file a request one week prior to using this service.

Event Supplies

Student Life keeps a small amount of supplies for events such as compostable plates, cups, forks, napkins, linens, etc. Please speak with a Student Assistant, or a staff member in the Office of Student Life, to find out more about these resources. Please file a request one week prior to using this service. Please speak with your advisor about other supplies located in the Office of Student Life (i.e. the button machine, tempera paint/brushes, glitter, etc.). Any students using event supplies must clean up the work space after use.

Quick Overview of UW Bothell Posting Guidelines 

  • DO Market your activity or event. Include a contact name and phone number on the posted material.
  • DO Post on bulletin boards or display rails using push pins.
  • DO Post on concrete surfaces using blue painters tape. Your poster looks best if the tape is not visible but rolled back behind the poster.
  • DO remove materials when information becomes outdated.
  • DO use hanging wires and boards to post large size materials. Contact Student life for access at 425‐352‐426.
  • DON’T attach materials to painted surfaces: walls, window ledges, railings, etc.
  • DON’T Attach materials to, or write on, glass surfaces like doors or windows.
  • DON’T Attach materials to, or write on, surfaces of walkways or roads, outdoor signs or lamp posts, waste receptacles, trees, landscapes, or stakes.
  • DON’T Post materials in restrooms, elevators, or classrooms, including classroom whiteboards.
  • DON’T make posters larger than the background you hang them on.
  • DON’T hang more than 4 posters per floor in each building.


Logos and Trademark

The University of Washington Bothell, like most universities, monitors and regulates the use of its name, logo, images, and insignias on items such as T‐shirts, novelty items, correspondence, and other emblematic materials. All such variances of names and visual representations are considered UW trademarks, for which approval from the Trademarks and Licensing Office must be obtained. A Student Life staff member should be contact for assistance with trademark and licensing questions.

When ordering products bearing the University’s name, logos, and/or any verbal or graphic representation, which in any way implies affiliation with the University, procedures for Campus Use must be followed. All products produced utilizing the marks of the University must be manufactured by a licensee. Merchandise produced for resale (even for sale at cost) may require a royalty rate for use. If you give items away and the club pays the expense, the organization can request a royalty waiver by filling out a campus use request form found on the Trademarks and Licensing Office website at

The Trademarks and Licensing Office will review the request to determine whether or not to waive the

royalty. Some examples of internal trademark use include:

  • T‐shirts imprinted with the name of a student group or campus department
  • Novelty items imprinted with the University’s name and sold at a special function as a fundraiser
  • UW emblematic items produced as gifts for business associates, sponsors, or friends of the University

Those wishing to use University trademarks must use a manufacturer who is authorized to produce emblematic merchandise to:

  • Ensure that sales of any items bearing the University’s trademarks generate funds to support vital campus programs.
  • Ensure adequate protection of the University’s image and intellectual property right.
  • Limit the risk to the University

Please note: The Trademarks and Licensing Office cannot approve an application for Campus Use until a licensed manufacturer has been established. If the manufacturer you have indicated on your Campus Use Request does not have a license to produce UW emblematic merchandise, the Trademarks and Licensing Office will invite you to choose a different manufacturer who holds a license, or your preferred manufacturer may request an application for licensing.

Student Life can assist you in regard to University trademark questions and issues. Student Life staff can also provide on‐campus promotional ideas for your club to maximize exposure on campus. The Office of Student Life will also help your organization develop plans to enhance faculty, staff, and student involvement in your activities.



Did You Know?

UW Bothell is the fourth fastest growing four-year, public university in the nation.