Division of Student Affairs

Staff Listing

Meet the staff of Student Affairs. 

George Theo
Dean of Student Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3326
Email: gtheo@uwb.edu

Emily Christian
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Phone: 425.352.3628
Email: echristian@uwb.edu

Wesley Westbrook
Program Coordinator
Phone: 425.352.3183
Email: wwestbrook@uwb.edu

Marie Ferrer
Phone: 425.352.3851
Email: mferrer@uwb.edu

Career Services

Kim Wilson
Assistant Director
Phone: 425.352.5306
Email: kwilson@uwb.edu

David Parker Brown
Career Counselor
Phone: 425.352.5210
Email: dbrown@uwb.edu

Evan Carman
Employer Relations Manager
Phone: 425.352.5408
Email: ecarman@uwb.edu
Email: employerrelations@uwb.edu

Bonnie Monteleone
Career Counselor
Phone: 425.352.3469
Email: bmonteleone@uwb.edu

Counseling Center

Dr. Rosemary Simmons, Ph.D
Director of Counseling Services
Phone: 425.352.3183

Dr. Cheryl Stolz, Ph.D
Phone: 425.352.3183

Leah Bridger, MA, LMFT
Mental Health Counselor
Phone: 425.352.3183

Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

Erin Hitzemann
Manager of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards
Phone: 425.352.3667
Email: ehitzemann@uwb.edu

Orientation and Transition Programs

Terry Hill
Director of Orientation and Transition Programs
Phone: 425.352.3868
Email: thill@uwb.edu

Dan Scheuler
Assistant Director
Phone: 425.352.3647
Email: dscheuler@uwb.edu

Eden Tullis
Program Manager

Aika Perez
Program Support Supervisor
Phone: 425.352.5304
Email: aperez@uwb.edu

Recreation and Wellness

Alison Greenwood, MEd
Director of Recreation and Wellness
Phone: 425.352.3686
Email: agreenwood@uwb.edu

Betsy J. Brown, MS
Assistant Director
Phone: 425.352.3551
Email: bbrown@uwb.edu

Julia Leavitt
Program Assistant
Phone: 425.352.3862
Email: jleavitt@uwb.edu

Justin Stoeckle
Program Assistant
Phone: 425.352.5352
Email: jstoeckle@uwb.edu

Residential Life and Student Conduct

Katie Horowitz
Director of Residential Life and Student Conduct
Phone: 425.352.5470
Email: khorowitz@uwb.edu

Gina Christian, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Student Conduct
Phone: 425.352.3346
Email: gchristian@uwb.edu

Rene Galindo
Resident Director
Email: rgalindo@uwb.edu

Rachel Rodney
Resident Director
Phone: 425.352.3391
Email: rrodney@uwb.edu

Jeff Sann
Assistant Director, Residential Life
Email: jsann@uwb.edu

Student Engagement and Activities

Andrea Ramirez
Director of Student Engagement and Activities
Phone: 425.352.5264
Email: aramirez@uwb.edu

Sam Al-Khoury
Assistant Director
Phone: 425.352.5360
Email: salkhoury@uwb.edu

Nik Bowen
Program Assistant
Phone: 425.352.3518
Email: nbowen@uwb.edu

Missy Dominguez
Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.3518
Email: mdominguez@uwb.edu

Leah Shelton
Program Manager
Phone: 425.352.3735
Email: lshelton@uwb.edu

Veterans Services and Disability Resources for Students

Rosa Lundborg, M.Ed.
Manager, Veterans Services and Disability Resources for Students
Phone: 425.352.5307
Email: rlundborg@uwb.edu