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Welcome to the website for the Physical Sciences Division (PSD). A division of the School of STEM.

Physical Sciences at UW Bothell includes degrees in Chemistry/Biochemistry and Physics. Our students develop strong knowledge in the Sciences by having close access to top teachers and scholars in Chemistry and Physics. Our faculty have won national awards and funding and have an outstanding reputation in their fields. The PSD website provides an introduction to our degrees and news. Specific details on the degrees we offer are on the Chemistry and Physics webpages linked below.

Professor Dan Jaffe, Chair of the Physical Sciences Division

The Physical Sciences Division Degree Offerings

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The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BS) focuses on the atomic and molecular nature. Students will understand the quantized nature of the atom along with atomic and molecular concepts and processes. The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry (BA) degree combines the foundations of chemistry with a career track aimed at STEM education. Learn More

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Climate Science and Policy

The Bachelor of Science in Climate Science and Policy (BS) offers an interdisciplinary curriculum including math, chemistry, physics, policy and economics along with detailed understanding of the scientific and societal issues important to the earth’s climate system.
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The BA and BS degrees in physics creates opportunities for students to acquire fundamental knowledge that positions them to be leaders in science, technology and engineering. The BS in physics has four possible concentrations: general physics, astrophysics, condensed matter and biophysics. The BA in Physics is geared towards those who may be interested teaching high school physics. We also offer a minor in physics. Learn More


Minor in Physics

The Minor in Physics includes courses on thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, quantum theory, the physics of solids and astrophysics.
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