Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations

Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations


For information please e-mail the Electrical Engineering Graduate Program Advisor, Sharon Meriwether, at sharonm1@uw.edu or call 425.352.5490 to schedule an appointment.

The Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations provides a pathway for students trained in other STEM disciplines to earn an EE certificate, and thus be academically prepared to apply for admission in our Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program. 

Program Objectives

Students will learn the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering and be prepared for a graduate degree in the field. For students who do not wish to pursue an MSEE degree, the Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations provides a strong background that the student may leverage to move into EE related fields, such as technical marketing.


All courses are taught by fully qualified UW Bothell faculty with Ph.D degrees or years of experience in EE design engineering at major companies. Students would enroll in two courses per quarter, allowing them to complete the certificate requirements in one year. 

  • B EE 503 Circuit Analysis (4) - Intro to theory, design, and analysis of DC and AC circuits.
  • B EE 504 Device Electronics (4)* - Introduces the characteristics and application of electronic devices.
  • B EE 505 Digital Systems (2) - Intro to digital logic, including Boolean algebra Karnaugh maps, binary, octal and hexadecimal number systems, gate logic, and modern IC device technology.
  • B EE 506 Power Systems (2)* - Basic power system analytical concepts, three-phase systems, impedance, steady-state network analysis, normalization, transmission lines, transformers, and synchronous machines.
  • B EE 507 Signals and Systems (4)* - Analysis of signals and systems in time and frequency domains.
  • B EE 509 Engineering Simulations (2) - Intro to simulations techniques to solve engineering problems.

* Prerequisite: B EE 503

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