Khushroo P. Daruwala

Instructional Philosophy


My instructional philosophy is based upon my genuine passion for teaching and learning, and towards inspiring and providing students with opportunities to become active participants in their own learning for self-improvement and change. My primary objective therefore lies in furnishing students with activities that are engaging and which place greater emphasis upon their understanding and comprehension of the subject matter. During instruction, I therefore strive to create and facilitate an environment where students are engaged in conversation and dialogue with themselves and with the instructor. Such an approach helps them to develop key ideas which can be confidently applied in any given situation, along with critical thinking skills, and abilities to work collaboratively with diverse individuals. Furthermore, by employing simplicity during the delivery of the lecture, along with drawing practical examples from their everyday lives, by rephrasing the explanation of key points, and by demonstrating rather than describing an idea or concept, has enabled me to create and foster a better comprehension of the course contents for my students. 


Recent Courses taught

At the University of Washington Bothell, I have been actively engaged in establishing and teaching the three-quarter lecture course sequence in organic chemistry, along with developing and teaching the two-quarter organic chemistry laboratory course sequence for students majoring in the professional, medical, and health-related sciences, as well as those in the physical sciences, engineering, and technology.

During the last several years, at the Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle, I taught courses in the yearlong science majors’ level general chemistry sequence, along with courses in the organic chemistry sequences, and an upper division course in inorganic chemistry. I have also been fortunate to have taught courses in materials science and engineering, as well as in technical mathematics, at other institutions in the greater Puget Sound area. 


Although my background, education, and training has principally been in chemistry, my current interests lie in science education including the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the development of practical skills. To that end, I have focused my attention at creating materials (lecture handouts, worksheets and exercises, visual study aids, demonstrations, etc.) that help provide students with better opportunities to improve their own comprehension, knowledge, and learning, and in the process acquire academic success.