Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the UW Bothell School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics provides guidance to the STEM director and faculty on issues related to STEM education and STEM-related industry needs.

Erik Baserman
Halosource, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

“I’m attracted to the quality of the educational programs and facilities, the practical approach and smaller classes, and the impact the School of STEM has on the region.  I’m inspired to help the School of STEM continue its fast growth in breadth and depth of offerings while preserving the unique student experience and positive impact on the regional innovation community.

Ralph Boy Ralph Boy
The Boeing Company, BCA-System Architect, Technical Fellow

“I have been fortunate in my career to have seen and followed certain opportunities to be successful. Providing opportunities and experiences for the students will help them shape their future. Having the benefit of 20/20 hindsight and working with exceptionally talented members of the board and staff, I believe we can make unique opportunities and experiences available for the students and community.”

Stacie Byars Stacie Byars
CMC Biologics, Director, Global Marketing

I have spent my career focused on the life sciences – the growth and development of the industry – and the entire ecosystem that is STEM.  I serve on the School of STEM Advisory Board to give back, to ensure the perspectives of industry are a guiding force at the School.  The School of STEM is incredibly special because of its focus on diversity, under-served students and populations, and the student “experience” – not just the degree.

Sue Byers Sue Byers
IslandWood, Senior Program Officer, Urban Graduate Track

Eva Cherry Eva Cherry
Silicon Mechanics, President and CEO

Lisa Egbert Lisa Egbert
Creekside Dental, Dentist

Clint Finger Clint Finger
Olympus Respiratory America, Spiration, Inc., Director of Product Development

I think the UWB School of STEM does a great job in preparing students for the work place environment.  The school of STEM places heavy emphasis on obtaining practical and real world experiences via internships and capstone projects.  They also show a willingness to work closely with industry to make sure students graduate with the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.”

Mary Jesse Mary Jesse
Photonic Biosystems, President and COO

I serve on the STEM Advisory Board because I am passionate about helping underserved populations advance and believe UW Bothell is helping to achieve this common goal with innovative and welcoming programs.

Rod Jones Rod Jones
Battery Power Systems, Inc., President and CEO

I serve on the UW Bothell STEM Advisory Board because I believe in the mission and core values of the School of STEM, including its commitment to diversity, access and opportunity, and encouragement of student engagement.

Michael Lau Michael Lau
Mirabilis Medica, Inc., President and Chief Medical Officer

I serve on the STEM Advisory Board because it is a worthwhile cause to help develop an upcoming program that would benefit greatly the community and technology businesses.

Jim Pinkelman Jim Pinkelman
Microsoft, Director, Academic Relationships

Dean Sproles Dean Sproles
Iverson Genetics, President and CEO

Terry Sweeney Terry Sweeney
Philips Healthcare, Vice President, Global Clinical Affairs
Board Chair

Bob Wilcox Bob Wilcox
Viket Medical, Inc., CEO

UW Bothell's School of STEM and I share two key goals: delivering a first class education that's relevant to future employment, and inspiring women to choose STEM”.

Steve Woods Steve Wood
Airnote LLC, Partner

“We need more STEM-educated workers. UW Bothell is in a unique position to help fulfill our STEM education needs. It has demonstrated that it can rapidly expand its STEM programs and it has also demonstrated that it can address the needs of students from demographics which are under-served and under-represented in both STEM and higher education in general.”

Did You Know?

In a survey, 88% of students were "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with their experience at UW Bothell.