Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the UW Bothell School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics provides guidance to the STEM director and faculty on issues related to STEM education and STEM-related industry needs.

Sue Ambler Sue Ambler
Workforce Development Council, Snonhomish County, CEO

Ralph Boy Ralph Boy
The Boeing Company, BCA-System Architect, Technical Fellow

Stacie Byars Stacie Byars
CMC Biologics, Senior Manager, Global Marketing

Sue Byers Sue Byers
Community Volunteer

Eva Cherry Eva Cherry
Silicon Mechanics, President and CEO

Lisa Egbert Lisa Egbert
Creekside Dental, Dentist

Clint Finger Clint Finger
Olympus Respiratory America, Spiration, Inc., Director of Product Development

Mary Jesse Mary Jesse
Ivycorp, Founder and CEO

Rod Jones Rod Jones
Infinitas Ventures, Managing Partner

Michael Lau Michael Lau
Mirabilis Medica, Inc., President and Chief Medical Officer

Jim Pinkelman Jim Pinkelman
Microsoft, Director, Academic Relationships

Dean Sproles Dean Sproles
Iverson Genetics, President and CEO

Terry Sweeney Terry Sweeney
Philips Healthcare, Vice President, Global Clinical Affairs
Board Chair

Bob Wilcox Bob Wilcox
Viket Medical, Inc., CEO

Jeffrey Williams Jeffrey Williams
HaloSource, Chief Technology Officer

Steve Woods Steve Wood
Perlego, President and CEO

Sue Byers Sue Byers
Community Volunteer

Did You Know?

UW Bothell has been designated a veteran-friendly campus by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.