University of Washington Bothell School of Educational Studies is pleased to partner with the Edgar and Holli Martinez Foundation in the development of diverse and exceptional teachers in Washington schools. The Martinez Foundation supports students who are preparing to become teachers through a fellowship program that provides mentoring, and a supportive, positive, collaborative, and professional relationships throughout the teaching year.

Martinez Fellows from UW Bothell will be encourage to complete their main student teaching experience at the Technology Access Foundation  Academy (TAF) in Federal Way, WA. They will participate in Saturday seminars each quarter specific to the Fellows program and will receive a total of $5,000 scholarship and tuition aid to help them achieve their goal of becoming a certified teacher. (See below for additional program requirements.)

Requirements for Consideration:

  • Must be admitted to a UW Bothell graduate program  in the School of Educational Studies that leads to Washington State Residency Teacher Certification.
  • Must be a student from diverse social, economic, and/or cultural groups.
  • Must show evidence of financial need (submitted FAFSA for current academic year).
  • Application material must provide evidence of excellence or potential for excellence in teaching, scholarship, or leadership in professional education. (available winter quarter, 2015).
  • Must commit to all requirements of Martinez Foundation Fellowship Program.

Benefits of Fellowship program provided by the Martinez Foundation: 

  • $2,500 scholarship matched by UW Bothell for a total of $5,000.
  • Summer Fellow Institute: mandatory orientation for new Fellows. Each year the Institute focuses on critical aspects of teaching.
  • Fall Professional Development Seminar: one-day seminar focuses on establishing relationships with parents and community. Fellows receive instruction and feedback for conducting parent/teacher conferences and building relationships with students and their families.
  • Winter Professional Development Seminar:  one-day seminar prepares Fellows for entering the workforce. Resume writing workshops and mock interviews prepare. Fellows for the job search process. Partnering school districts are invited to meet the fellows and start forming relationships.
  • Spring Professional Development Seminar:  one-day seminar takes place at The Seattle Children’s Theatre and focuses on incorporating dramatic techniques into classroom curriculum.
  • Assistance with Employment and Placement:  Martinez Fellows have a reputation for excellence and are in high demand in school districts in King County. We are committed to helping our Fellows find a school match where they will have the necessary support.
  • Mentoring Support:  Nationally Board Certified teachers work one-on-one with our Fellows, as requested in their classrooms.
  • Experienced Staff Support:  observations and feedback, troubleshooting problems that arise and providing support that improves teaching techniques and classroom management.
  • Classroom Resources:  most Fellows work in Title I schools where many classrooms do not have adequate textbooks or resources for every students. Upon request, the Foundation provides the curriculum books, and other materials necessary for every child in a Fellow’s classroom.
  • Informal Gatherings:  taking place throughout the year, informal gatherings allow our Fellows to work through any issues they may be struggling with or simply develop deeper connections and support.

Students in the UW Bothell Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification Program who are selected as Martinez Fellows agree to the following program requirements:

  • Fellows agree to placement for their program field work and student teaching at a TAF (Technology Access Foundation) Academy in the Federal Way Public School District.
  • As part of their certification program, fellows will enroll in a seminar focused on STEM, interdisciplinary teaching and learning, technology, social justice, and equity in education.
  • Work as a K-12 educator in an underserved Washington State public school for at least 3 years, preferably longer. If a Fellow voluntarily elects not to complete the 3-year term – barring extenuating circumstances – s/he will work with The Martinez Foundation to repay the award.
  • Attend the annual summer Martinez Foundation Fellow Institute (Attendance is mandatory for first year Fellows, attendance in further summer institutes is voluntary.).
  • Communication with Foundation staff is essential as they attempt to gain a deeper understanding of Fellows needs and desire for employment. The Foundation asks for a professional standard of response to emails or phone class within 24-48 hours.
  • Professional standards of conduct and punctuality are expected at all Foundation events.
  • Respect for the Foundation community. Fellows have established a collaborative and trusting community that relies upon a safe environment where all beliefs and backgrounds are respected. All Fellows must demonstrate respect for each other and our diverse Foundation community.
  • Fellows agree to participate in Foundation surveys and/or research inquiries to help the foundation learn more about teacher education, teacher effectiveness, and how to shape the Fellowship program to recruit, support and retain future and current Fellows.
  • Fellows agree to participate in three Foundation professional seminars (Fall, Winter, and Spring) throughout the year. Seminars are held most often on Saturdays. We are currently in the process of becoming certified to provide clock hours for employed Fellows.
  • The Martinez Fellow, after being established in the workplace for at least 2 years, agrees to serve as a mentor for incoming Martinez Foundation Fellows.
  • Fellows give permission to the Foundation to identify them as award recipient with their name and bio on Martinez Foundation and College of Education website, press releases, print brochures, and by introduction at events which awardees are invited and available to attend.
  • The Martinez Foundation Fellows will give permission to be filmed during the program as deemed appropriate for educational/promotional video and allow such videos to be available on the Foundation and College websites.
  • The Martinez Foundation Fellows will have the opportunity to meet Foundation supporters and potential future teachers to share the teacher education experience. Often the foundation will host events or gathering where donors are interested in meeting Martinez Fellows and learning more about their teaching experiences. Fellows will have increasing opportunities to assist the Foundation in recruiting students into the teaching profession.