Challenging and rewarding field experiences are a hallmark of the UW Bothell Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed. Guided and supported by the university faculty, clinical faculty, and cooperating teachers, teacher candidates will have multiple opportunities to learn, observe and apply a variety of instructional methods and tools in diverse educational settings.

Field Objectives

University course content and assignments will be integrated with comprehensive field work to provide teacher candidates with the following learning and teaching experiences:

  • Field assignments in public schools and classrooms
  • Opportunities to work with a cooperating teacher to plan, organize, deliver, and assess learning experiences (using the co-teaching model).
  • Opportunities to systematically observe instruction, apply principles, and refine ideas about teaching and learning.
  • Opportunities to reflect on and revise instruction based on assessment of student learning.
  • Opportunities to adapt learning experience for students with a variety of learning needs.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate sensitivity to and understanding of the needs of learners from diverse racial, ethnic, and social class groups
  • Opportunities to demonstrate interpersonal, ethical, and professional behavior
  • Opportunities to learn from feedback from faculty, clinical faculty, and cooperating teachers

University Clinical Faculty and Faculty

Clinical faculty work with teacher candidates from the beginning of the school year through the student teaching quarter as evaluators, mentors, and facilitators of Professional Practice Seminars.

Course instructors at the University include assignments in their coursework that teacher candidates must complete in the field. In addition, teacher candidates draw on the principles and skills learned in coursework to demonstrate the field objectives.

Field Placements

Teacher candidates are placed in a classroom(s) in their endorsement area(s) after an interview at a school assigned by the Field Coordinator. Field placement criteria include availability of subject placement in various schools, location, requests from schools and teacher candidates. All requests are carefully considered. Because of the complexity of placement practices and availability, specific requests cannot be guaranteed.

NOTE: All field placements are arranged by the UW Bothell Field Coordinator following applicable school and district policies.

Schedules and Attendance

Teacher candidates are expected to attend all course and seminar sessions and all field assignments. To be successful in a professional preparation program, students must fully engage in all aspects of and place the highest priority on attendance and punctuality in all course and field requirements. Going above and beyond the basic requirements will enable the UW Bothell student to build the strongest possible foundation of knowledge and skills and earn the highest recommendations for the next steps of employment or further study.

Teacher Candidates as Professionals

Teacher candidates become professional members of their learning communities at UW Bothell and in their school placements. They should conduct themselves as professionals while being sensitive to their role as novices. Teacher candidates are expected to fully participate in both their field experience schools and their UW Bothell courses and seminars.

All teacher candidates are expected to development and maintain professional relationships with colleagues, administrators, students, student guardians, and all UW Bothell Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed. staff and faculty. To develop trust with students and others in the learning environment, candidates should assume the attitude, manner, and responsibility of a person who will strive to make the best possible use of good common sense in every decision.

A teacher candidate should communicate immediately to the most appropriate person any concern they have regarding their field placement. Concerns expressed early have the greatest likelihood of being resolved.

Field Experience Evaluation 

 The Performance-Based Pedagogy Assessment (PPA) is a Washington State OSPI required evaluative tool used to assess a teacher candidate’s pedagogy, knowledge, and skills.  The teacher candidate, the clinical faculty and the cooperating teacher will use the 10 PPA Standards to assess growth over time of pedagogy, knowledge and skills.   The teacher candidate will choose 3 standards to be assessed at each observation during the Winter quarter, but the clinical faculty and cooperating teacher may choose other standards if appropriate.  

By the end of Winter quarter, the teacher candidate must have completed a minimum of 4 successful observations by clinical faculty and be Meeting Expectations  of all 10 PPA Standards.  The Observation and Conference Record will record evidence of the PPA Standards as well as the teacher candidate’s impact on student learning (Standard V), and reflective practice.