The Teacher Candidate Professional Portfolio is begun during Autumn quarter and will be a complete draft by the end of Winter quarter. The portfolio is an electronic document that consists of seven key requirements that demonstrate evidence of professional growth and readiness to transition to the role of professional educator. The requirements are based on Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) certification requirements. Some submissions will be taken from the Field Notebook to document analysis of student learning and abilities to plan, instruct, reflect and revise.

Teacher candidates will work with program faculty, cooperating teachers, clinical faculty and colleagues to develop the portfolio that will be shared at the final Professional Practice seminar. The teacher candidates will be expected to document the following elements while also communicating their individuality. Teacher candidates will want to include the portfolio link on their resumes, and they will enhance and expand the portfolio to show further academic growth during the M.Ed. completion classes following student teaching.

The basic elements of the portfolio are listed below. Detailed directions will be provided during Professional Practice Seminars.

Elements of the Portfolio

  1. An Opening Reflection that orients the reader to the collection of portfolio artifacts, reflects on growth during the program, and explains how the displayed products show evidence of growth.
  2. Professional Growth Plan  A draft, to be revisited once a graduate is employed, of goals for further professional growth following certification.
  3. Instructional Practice Work Samples
    - An instructional unit plan*
    - A minimum of 5 supporting detailed lesson plans*
    - Samples of student work*
    - Videotape with commentary (encouraged but not required)
  4. Impact on Student Learning.* The teacher candidate will demonstrate the ability to assess student learning and to make appropriate curricular changes based on assessment results.
  5. Classroom Management Plan* and its relationship to Teaching Philosophy.
  6. Technology Skills (evidenced by completion of the electronic portfolio)
  7. Documentation of Interactions with Family*

*These items may originate in the teacher candidate's Field Notebook, university coursework, or during Professional Practice Seminars.