Key Terms and Concepts

Cohort - Group of UW Bothell students progressing together through the Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed. Program.

Cooperating Teacher - Classroom teacher serving as mentor to a teacher candidate whose field placement is in his or her room.

Course Instructor - UW Bothell faculty member teaching a course in which field assignments are included.

Co-Teaching - two teachers working together with groups of students, sharing the planning, organization, deliver of instruction, assessment of student learning, and physical space.

Clinical Faculty - Person responsible for supervising internship. The clinical faculty will make several visits to the field placement, observing and consulting with the teacher candidate and cooperating teacher.

Field Coordinator - UW Bothell staff member and liaison between the university and schools, the cooperating teacher, clinical faculty and building principal. The field coordinator is responsible for placing teacher candidates, assigning clinical faculty, and managing field issues and concerns.

Field Notebook - Collection of curriculum, calendars, unit and lesson plans, and any other documents that will be useful for planning, organization, documentation, reflections, and certification.

Field placement -School classroom in which teacher candidates will observe and teach.

Field site -School where teacher candidate is assigned for student teaching.

GST -The Guidance and Support Team, consisting of UW Bothell staff and faculty, who counsels, monitors, and reviews any assigned teacher candidate needing formal assistance.

Intern Substitute Certification -A temporary, limited teaching certificate that enables a teacher candidate to substitute, in the classroom to which assigned for student teaching, in the absence of his/her cooperating teacher. This certificate must be approved by both the school and the college, and is valid for up to one year.

Internship - The two full quarters of field experiences: Autumn Quarter (including Beginning the School Year Experience), and Winter Quarter.

OSPI - Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the state governing body that licenses educators.

Performance-based Pedagogy Assessment (PPA) - The PPA is a Washington State OSPI evaluative tool used to assess a teacher candidate’s pedagogy, knowledge, and skills. The teacher candidate, the clinical faculty, and the cooperating teacher will use the 10 PPA Standards to assess growth of pedagogy, knowledge and skills.   

Student teaching - The final eleven-week period (Winter Quarter) where the intern gradually assumes the role of lead teacher. Responsibilities for leadership within Co-Teaching steadily increase.

Teacher Candidate - UW Bothell student enrolled in the Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed. Program and participating in field experiences.