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Professional Leadership Certificate


Professional Leadership Certificate

Through the Professional Leadership Certificate, students develop, reflect upon, and demonstrate growth in leadership and professionalism while articulating their accomplishments as a leader.

Everyone is a leader. By pursuing the Professional Leadership Certificate, students will take what they learn during workshops, put them into practice, and reflect on what leadership means to them. Then students will articulate what they have learned and how their experiences have shaped who they are.

Why Earn a Certificate?

Simply, the certificate demonstrates to the world (particularly employers) the experience, growth, knowledge, and skills in professionalism and leadership that the student has achieved.

These experiences, growth, knowledge, and skills that employers are looking for reflected in our leadership competencies. Each workshop topic reflects these competencies. Students develop skills in these competencies through the workshops, then take those skills out into the world and put them into practice. Next, they reflect on their experiences and what they learned and grow from it. The e-portfolio articulates and demonstrates that growth to students and assists the student in showing mentors, peers, and employers the skills, knowledge, experiences, and growth they have gained.

Earning a Certificate

It's never too late to start! Detailed requirements can be found here.

In order to complete this program and earn the Professional Leadership Certificate, students must:

  • Complete the online certificate application on OrgSync.
  • Attend each of the six workshops or watch the corresponding video online through Canvas.
  • Take what you learned and apply it to your job, extracurricular activity, on or off campus role, life, or anything you are already doing (or seek out a new opportunity).
  • Reflect on the experiences while considering how the leadership competencies relate to what you accomplished.
  • Submit a reflection for each topic on Canvas
  • Create an e-portfolio demonstrating the skills, knowledge, and experience you have learned and gained.


Interested in participating?


  • January 11 - Self-Awareness and Personal Behavior
  • February 1 - Group Dynamics and Conflict Resolution
  • March 7 - Learning and Reasoning
  • April 4 - Civic Responsibility
  • May 2 - Strategic Planning
  • June 6 - Celebration

Time and Location

Each workshop is held from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in UW1-103.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the series, please contact Professional Leadership Certificate advisor Samantha Penjaraenwatana at


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