Here are the candidates for the Spring Elections:

President     Vice President     

Director of Business Operations     

Director of Public Relations   

Director of Student Advocacy

Director of Academic Affairs

Senior Senators     Junior Senators     Sophomore Senators



Dom Juarez

I would like to be in student government to help be a change agent within our institution. I was the President of the 15-16 academic year, and with that knowledge and experience, I will be comfortable in my position to help guide a team to create a campus that we, students, envision. I foresee myself working with my team to engage with students more frequently and creating a presence on our campus that will allow us to be more accessible and speak on the greater opportunities that we can provide. I would work with my team to ensure critical issues are brought up, and to address them with, or to administration. I hope that we can further engage in conversation about Childcare, ARC Phase II, Residence Halls, and an on-site nurse. My experiences consist of Black Student Union president for two academic years, ASUWB president last year, and the Co-Chair of the diversity center committee of our campus. I have served in this position prior and know the time and dedication needed to succeed in this role.

Dion Thompson

UWB needs strong, reliable leaders to help move the University in a positive direction. The decisions a student government team makes affect every individual. Not only do these decisions affect people in the short-term, but also has long-term effects that impact future students. I do realize that there are important issues here on campus pertaining to diversity, education, parking, health services, recreation and food services and many others. My team and I believe that UWB is incredibly successful, however, there is always room for improvement. My team believes in strictly upholding the three core values that UWB was founded on: transformational education, engaged scholarship and inclusive culture. Every member of my team including me will be very dedicated to uphold those values.

Next year, my team and I will be focusing on the main issues that students are concerned with. When dealing with these issues, we will ensure that the three core values are strictly upheld during every decision. In accordance to this, my team and I will be working with all student groups to ensure their success in addition to the University’s continued success.

To summarize this, I firmly believe that the strongest type of leadership is being able to serve others without seeking something in return. I am willing to give up a lot of my time and devote a tremendous amount of energy to serve UWB, and I will not stop until I know I have positively impacted the lives of all individuals on our campus and beyond and I am willing to do whatever it takes to do this.

Vice President:

Caleb Lohrmann

What impresses me the most about UWB is the unique culture the student body has fostered. It is a culture where people from different backgrounds learn and help one another. But right now I see a campus that is growing and a student experience that is not. We are sacrificing the quality of our education for quantity. My goals are to address extracurricular activities, campus parking, and to listen to your voices for solutions. If I am elected Vice-President I will work alongside the administration and the City of Bothell to have your voices heard. Let’s continue to grow this culture together. 

Extracurricular activities define a student’s college experience. As the captain of the Debate Team, I passionately practiced and gained many skills. This is a story that holds true across all student organizations. As your Vice-President, I will help advance organizations like UWave radio, Husky Herald, and Clamor. These experiences are essential to student’s success after college. But post-college student experiences are limited on this campus. That is why I will advocate for the creation of new organizations and clubs, for everyone, to develop their skillsets outside of the classroom.

The parking situation at UWB is the ultimate example of when we fail to plan ahead. As your Vice-President, I will make sure that parking prices are fairly balanced between those who park on campus and those that use public transportation. It is nonsensical that a U-Pass costs the same as a two-day pass. Just like it is nonsensical that drivers can spend up to 480$ for three-quarters of parking. The solution will lay in consideration of both sides of the issue. 

These are just a few problems I will address as your VP and the solutions I have developed. At the end of the day, I will actively seek your ideas and solutions for campus concerns. Whether it is a small problem or a major widespread concern. Each student matters. Each problem matters. Each idea and solution matters. I will be your megaphone! Let your voices be heard!

Mason F. Parker

I believe in love.  I love this campus.  Over the years, I have seen a lot of change to the campus, and much more is going to change.  The last few administrations of student government have fought tooth and nail to bring you a diversity center.  This was a win.  The ASUWB has worked hard to put our number one priority, the students, in a good position to influence this tight nit community.  I believe we can still do better.  

Last year, our students paid the ASUWB over $130,000 collectively.  I think we can do better.  I believe the student government needs to stand up for its students.  The student government needs to stand up for academic integrity.  Classes with large “participation grades” have been plaguing students for years, an arbitrary measurement that poses the question, “did you show up, did I like you?”  The college should remember who is paying who.  The college should educate us, not throw us into bondage and demand a cool twelve grand.  I will actively fight against excessively large participation grades and fight to protect all students from grading bias and demeaning behavior in the classroom.

The university has made strides to increase tolerance. The additions of a diversity center, and various other locations around campus, have been welcome additions.  I believe in love.  I feel we should shed of the mask of tolerance, and replace it in the truth of embracement.  We should strive to be more than “tolerant,” we should aim to embrace one another and welcome our differences, welcome our ideas being challenged.  It will make us better global citizens (or at least philosophically sound). We should be patient and kind to one another using the opportunity we have here and now to come together and become something great. 

I would like to form a committee of students to help fundraise for the ASUWB. With more funds we will be able to better assist the students.  All summed up, I plan to work for you.  If I’m elected your Vice President, I will be worth every penny.  


Mason F. Parker

Anjelica Rice

I believe anyone can make a difference, you just have to take that first step. There are multiple issues here on campus that I know are very important to the students, such as health services, parking, food options, diversity and inclusion, all of which I am passionate about. Students deserve the best college experience and I know with certainty that I, along with the rest of the team can make the changes necessary to make the most of our college experience.

As students we deserve access to health services while we are on campus, and currently we don’t offer many options. One of my main priorities will be to explore this issue and find appropriate solutions to make sure that we can feel safe on campus.

As a growing commuter campus having access to parking is of paramount importance. Without proper parking accommodations, we as students are being hindered in our access to education, either from being unable to find parking in a timely manner or not being able to find parking at all. Having less than 3,000 parking spots available for 2 college campuses is not acceptable. The lack of parking along with the issue of the lack of health services on this campus will be my main focuses to better your college experience.

I believe each and every single one of us can make a difference, and my first step is to serve you as your Vice President.

Vote for UWBelievers!

Leah Shin

Another year has gone by, and elections are here. Looking at my past two years at UWB, we’ve come a long ways together. As your elected First-Year Senator, Sophomore Senator, and hired Director of Public Relations we have seen our campus add a new surface parking lot by Discovery Hall, in the works of building a Dining/Resident Hall, and in the midst of opening our first ever Diversity Center mid-spring quarter. 

Through these positions, I realize that making impactful change on campus is a slow and grueling process. However, it is my duty as your spokeswoman to not only continue to represent your voice but do what we can’t to ensure our movements will be completed to its best ability.

We are told we can’t outreach to more students on campus; 

but I have created a collective Facebook group called Connect UWB: Through this group I hope to close the communication gap between student organizations, clubs, and activities present on campus as I understand we are a commuter campus. Currently, I am working on finalizing ASUWB’s external website: and bi-weekly newsletter. Through these outlets, I plan to find the best ways to outreach to students off social media on ASUWB initiatives.

We are told we can’t lower tuition/parking/food costs; 

but I understand there are feasible ways we are able to ensure there will be gradual increases or decreases, never having to face dramatic ups or downs. Through launching surveys and polls for students to express their stand, together as an ASUWB we are able to ensure to rely student voice in major decisions being made in several different committees ranging from E-Learning, Commuter Task Force, and Food & Facilities on campus. 

We are told we can’t continue to grow as a university; 

I will do whatever it takes as your Vice-President to take the time to listen, improve on-campus resources, and most importantly do whatever in my willpower to implement YOU as an individual on campus. It’s the heart I have for this position to do what we can’t, as I know we can do so much more.

Raymond Chai

The biggest motivation for me to join ASUWB is that I realize the campus need students to stand up for others other than themselves. I am confident that we (UW Bothell students} could make this campus remarkable by contributing our individual ability to this community and society. Wherever we go, we can always present our school’s spirit. and just like UW’s motto, “Let there be light.” You and I can be part of it. Over the years, students have been complaining about the parking fee and the tickets on campus. In this coming year, for being a vice president of ASUWB I will request the community services to significantly reduce the parking rate and establish a good student parking system, which allows students with good grades to get a discounted parking rate. I am currently a senior student doing double majoring in Global Studies and Community Psychology. On top of that, I am a president of International Club and we have been cooperating with different student unions, school organizations, and a lot of clubs on campus. Thus, I am positive the previous cooperation experience we have will achieve our goal easier, and lead us to a brighter future.

Director of Business Operations:

Tanya Kumar

To ensure success for each and every individual in this school, we need further access to higher educational opportunities, while maintaining an affordable quota. I want to be a figure available to all students as someone approachable and available to share my personal experiences and offer guidance regarding safety, academic struggles, and conflicts about culture and ethnicity in this community. From my prior experience as Student Body President of ASUWB during the 2016-2017 term, my hope is to relay my values in a very translucent means. I wish to continue empowering the student body in voicing their concerns, needs, wants and suggestions in regards to the drastically rocketed priced yet limited food and parking options, and provide support mechanisms for students wanting to learn more about the 90+ million dollar budget of the campus. The cost of being a student entitles consistent compromise in payments to succeed, and as we did in January of 2016, my vision is to bring a unified coalition of students to lobby in Olympia for support with these unrealistic expectancies from students such as textbooks, course fees, tuition, etc. I also hope to develop and integrate a student led task force within my director role and provide stronger shared governance to all constituents interested in the business handling aspect of ASUWB; such as local partnerships, scholarships, fundraisers, survey handling etc. Transparency and accountability regarding funds and the campus wide budget should be more available to students at any given time, and the main goal for this year is to evolve a safe commuter campus filled with students “informed” about ASUWB, into a campus of students “involved” with ASUWB.

Director of Public Relations:

Umar Shah

I have been on student government for the past two years being a representative on behalf of the students. My mission has been the same since I came into this campaign two years ago, I am going to be the resource for students to know what is happening on campus as well as an advocate of any concerns the student body has. My vision to continue in this role is, to support the progress of our student body by providing transparency in all our activities.

Director of Student Advocacy:

Ali Darvish

When I began my career as a student at UW Bothell, running for student government was not something I thought I would attempt. Like many others, my main goal was to make friends and collect knowledge through a valuable education. However, as it is fated for the extrovert to become inspired, I quickly began to make deeper and more meaningful connections with my professors and fellow peers through my knowledge based and cultural classes. When I was approached by Dion J Thomson to run for the Director of Student Advocacy position, I knew that this was it. This was the opportunity for me to align my interpersonal skills with my natural affinity for advocacy and cooperative empathy. 

I am very motivated for this position. However, I do understand that motivation without discipline is unfulfilling. I believe that I have the discipline, routine, leadership traits, and habits that are necessary to do an amazing job in this position. 

I too, along with my team, believe in upholding the core principals that our school was founded on. A transformational education, engaged scholarship, and inclusive culture will forever be the foundation that my cabinet and I make the decisions to build and improve from. Whether the project is for better food, more parking, or a large diversity and health center, rest assured that the students of UW Bothell will be duly represented. I am willing to sacrifice my time to serve UW Bothell, because this school has served me.

Shugla Kakar

Friends and fellow students 

My name is Shugla Kakar, and I am running for Director of Student Advocacy position in student government hoping to represent you! I am a passionate, devoted and ambitious individual that will truly make a difference and listen to your concerns and make changes where needed.  

I am a hard-working individual that never gives up. Therefore, if I am elected I will work very hard to make sure that your voice is heard. One of my main goals will be to make sure your ideas and suggestions are implemented on campus and your problems are solved. 

Furthermore, in my term as Director of Student Advocacy for the 2017-2018 academic year I will continue my work of uniting the various communities on campus by mobilizing them around shared issues. I believe that having unity between the various communities on campus will lead to us having a stronger voice in having the administration listen to our needs, and it will lead to us being very successful students at the University of Washington Bothell. 

I hope you will elect me as your Director of Student Advocacy in the student government! It will be an honor to represent the students of the University of Washington Bothell and do everything in my power to make your needs my top priority.

Director of Academic Affairs

Kadija Hussen

I would like to become a member of Student Government, simply because I believe that as an African American Muslim women within our campus, I would add on to the diversity within the team. I would like to be able to represent the voices that are not heard. I hope to accomplish not only my interaction with students on campus but with faculty as well. I say this because, that way I am able to understand the needs and wants from both perspectives and help improve our campus to become a more comfortable and productive environment. As a former member of ASUWB I have the background knowledge on the certain steps that are necessary in order to satisfy the students. As a person who has served as the Director of Academic Affairs, I have experience within my role and would like to continue building on the progress that I have made. My strengths fall under communication, writing, and listening skills. By connecting students more to our campus, not only will their confidence in learning increase but the relationships throughout campus will also improve. Overall, I would like to continue the growth of our campus and again, be able to represent our institution with diverse values.

Anchala Krishnan

UW Bothell needs a new group of leaders with fresh perspectives who can make changes happen on campus through their actions. As a potential Director of Academic Affairs, I have put together three goals that our projects will revolve around: increasing transparency, improving communication, and pushing for bigger and necessary changes.

Director of Academic affairs is a new position which was initiated by the ASUWB 2015-16. It was deemed important as we need student voice represented in major academic decisions. As it is a new position, setting precedent is a crucial. My team and I will be forming a strong foundation by initiating projects that revolve around the above three goals.

More specifically, I plan to increase transparency between faculty members, higher level administration (for example Deans), and students. I cannot emphasize on how important this step will prove to be in enhancing a student’s experience at UW Bothell. As a student leader on campus, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on General Faculty Organization (GFO), and learn about how academic decisions are made. There is always a need for student input in these decisions and as a potential Director of Academic Affairs, I plan to collect and present your input and push for your needs. This will be our first step towards increasing transparency, and improving communication.

My team and I will also constantly push for changes such as more flexible class sections in addition to more classes, hiring more faculty members, lowering course fees, lowering extra fees associated to international students, among many others.

We have seen the changes happen on campus when students push for what they believe in and all the above things can happen with your help and input. 

Vote me, Anchala Krishnan, for Director of Academic Affairs!

Senior Senators:

Marquis Henderson

As Junior senator last year, I made it my mission to reach out to students and be that resourceful facilitator between student government and students that didn’t have access to resources. Besides being in a position to make an impact on this campus there are a lot of reasons that piqued my interest towards joining ASUWB for a second run. Like the words of Malcolm X, “everything I’ve ever felt strongly about, I’ve done something about.” I have always been introverted, which presented a challenge for me to break out of my comfort zone and be the voice of the students. This past year has been an eye opener and has helped me represent the entire junior class. My mission as junior senator far extended being active on campus, I wanted to provide a platform for unheard voices to be heard, be a bridge between students and authorities, and that is exactly what I did. With the skills I have acquired, I plan to be a better more efficient senator than before. With this experience under my belt I am more confident in representing UWB’s Senior class for a final run.

Alexis Rodriguez

Why do you want to become a member of Student Government?

I aspire to become a member of the Student Government to help solve the concerns of the student population. I want to help bridge the gap in communication between students, faculty, and administrators to enhance student’s experiences at the University of Washington. I am determined to serve as a voice to help solve the issues in our campus. 

What is your vision/goals for this position?

My goals as a senior senator are to advocate the needs of the student population and to increase the awareness of diversity. Students have a significant impact on this campus and I plan to help advocate their voices and ideas. There are not enough leaders hearing the needs of students, I plan to change that. 

What do you hope to accomplish?

As a senior senator, I hope to implement activities that benefit school organizations. I also plan to create a strong stance in promoting diversity in our campus.

What are your qualifications for the selected position?

I have served the leadership roles as Vice President of the Pre-Health and Dental club, President of the MEChA club (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) and President of the Link Transit Ambassador program in my hometown. My leadership experiences have equipped me with the necessary qualities to represent all students at UWB. I am an open-minded individual who adapts quickly to change and who listens to the needs of others. My ultimate mission as a leader is to inspire and encourage the student population to reach their fullest potential.

Junior Senators:

John J. Kim

Over the last two years, I’ve come to know and learn about the members of the ASUWB and the dedication they put into their positions. As far as my remembrance goes, I was never interested in positions where my skills were tested. I shied away from leadership roles, mostly because I didn't have confidence in my abilities. But as I consistently improved throughout the years, I’ve finally realized that I now have the confidence to take on Junior Senator position. 

I may have once been a student on the outskirts of integrity and performance but now my abilities as an individual have improved drastically. It means more nights of work, earlier wake-up times, effective and efficient time use, and less procrastination. It took extraordinary efforts over a long period of time to get to here. I had to trim off unproductive areas of my time, like overcoming FOMO and going out less, limiting the use of Netflix, and going on my phone less. However, these changes brought positive results in academics, work, and extracurriculars. Now with all these development in various aspect of my life, I believe that development as a leader is the natural path ahead for me.

In the upcoming year, there are some major changes happening in the ASUWB team. from director roles to potentially the president, there will be a whole new atmosphere of students in the ILO. I believe that my role as a senator should not focus on taking over the absence of leadership in the team, but to balance them out. This means being flexible with others, making compromises to individuals but also learning to set a new standards in communications and expectations. This will be a huge test for my role as a leader. But the one thing I learned from playing team sport is that, the best performance occurs when the game is played as one team. A real leader should ’t be present in a great team as everyone will be expected to be one, and so that’ll be my goal as a part of the ASUWB team.

Warisha  Soomro

In my two years at UWB, I've been very happy with ASUWB's commitment to supporting the student population on campus. Having sat in on meetings, attending conferences, and being offered a job as sophomore senator, I learned a lot about our campus from those selected to represent us. As one of the most diverse campuses in country, it's essential to have people who take Diversity and Inclusion seriously and ASUWB have been committed to that. However, as a sophomore expecting a fuller college experience, I found a need for initiatives to be taken for our class representation. I want the people representing next year's juniors to be represented by brining to light issues that need more reflection. Current UWB sophomores want more majors, minors, transportation services, and funding for extracurricular endeavors that include conferences, competitions, and necessary equipment to pursue projects you care about. As a BOLD ambassador this year, many of you may have noticed my commitment to driving student success. I'm ready to take that commitment further. I'm here to deliver.

Sophomore Senators:

Nora Abdi

I was in student government in high school and it was always something I had a passion in because I truly felt like it was a chance for me to make change. I essentially want to be an active voice for my class. I want to encourage diversity on campus as much possible and show people that we are all one community. I want to encourage as much interpersonal connection between all of us. I feel like the class of 2020 is so distant from each other that we don't have anything to really connect each other. We don't have anything to really make us united. I feel like we are too divided. Between classes and everything else all we do is come to class and leave right afterwards. We don't give much thought to what college is really about. I want to spread the community within all of us. I want to unify the class of 2020 to the point where we are all so close to one another in so many ways. Besides all of that I want to run for diversity and giving a voice to the future sophomore class. I want to represent you in all I can. Parking passes are really expensive so I want to be able to reduce the amount so that we can all have an easier time coming to school. As well as, making sure to stabilize the inter personal connection between those who live on campus and those who commute. Food costs as well as food choices while on campus is also an issue I want to tackle. I want everyone to be able to come together and feel like they have a place on campus they can honestly feel like they can be themselves. I want to create a safe space for all students on campus and I want the future sophomore class to really know the epic college experience and it all starts here.

Malea Capuno

Hello upcoming Sophomores, I’m Malea Capuno however some of you may know me as your current First-Year Senator. As a member of ASUWB I know the roles, expectations and values that we hold and I plan to continue to better them to meet the needs and wants of the students if elected for the 2017-2018 academic year. During my time as First-Year Senator I have worked closely with various members on the current team and other departments on campus to plan and execute various events as-well as working to create a survey to ask students their recommendations on food they want on campus alongside the Vice President. I want to continue my role as a student advocate and pursue larger impacts on the campus to benefit us as a students and also the community we have here. For the position of Sophomore Senator I plan to improve the quality of students education, safety and social life. I plan to practice leadership by leading by example, seeking challenges and supporting others creativity as a good team member. By fall of 2017 I will have a large exposure to the incoming First-Year class being that I am an Orientation Leader. This will help me support all students and aid me in including a wide variety of support for not only my class but of future classes and others on campus. To me being apart of ASUWB doesn’t just mean doing your job, but it also means being a representative on and off the job for all the students, and contributing what I have to make a positive impact to fulfill my role in such a diverse growing university.

Rayyan Hussain

They say that these four years at college are supposed to be the best four years of our lives; and that these years will lead us to success post-college. The truth is that most people have the means of making their college experience ‘woke’ but they do not have the proper channels and proper access to it. The problem is that most people are not involved due to lack of communication from this campus. As a candidate for Sophomore Senator of the ASUWB, I wish to be a part of a process that has one goal: to better the experience for all students. I want to be the channel of communication for our class for different events, whether it be career building, academic, or just recreational. As they say, your college experience is only what you make of it. For me, ASUWB is not a job; it is more of a passion. That is why I being YOUR voice on this campus would be beneficial to us all.  In such a diverse University, we cannot leave behind anyone’s opinion or needs and I would be best to represent every single Sophomore at UWB. 

A person of leadership needs to be subpar at networking if they would like to be an accurate representation of the people. As a student here, I have already started networking. I have worked in customer service all my life so I know how to communicate properly. I have worked retail and am now working as technical support at the UWB library, so I have already started talking to and understanding the diverse class we have. I was also a part of DECA and learnt how to connect with other students from around the DECA community. Of all my skills, I have developed proficiency in communication, networking, and representation of others and myself. Each of these experiences allows me to be better fit to be your representative and voice as a sophomore senator.

And don’t forget: No Hussain, No Gain.

Bryant Nguyen

Hello fellow sophomores! 

My name is Bryant Nguyen and for those who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself. Like you, I am currently a first year, a little under 6 feet tall, Vietnamese, and I have a passion for getting to know others. 

This year, I have my sights on making the UWB community a better, more inclusive, more productive, and more exciting place for you. My first few quarters at UW Bothell was a huge transition for me. The experience has been great because of kind peers and caring teachers, however, I dare to challenge that it could have been better. 

First stepping foot on UW Bothell ground, I instantly noticed a beautiful campus with beautiful people, but there were only a handful of faces. I imagine a new campus community. The ultimate goal isn't to just have more people involved, but to have a wider field of options TO BE involved. 

The school is developing. We are growing as a community and we need more options! Options aren't the only emphasis because publicizing events is just as important, and I will play my part in that too. I have experience getting events out there through clubs such as Delta Sigma Pi (a business fraternity) and technology (marketing and social media projects). 

I am definitely not the most qualified for this position. I believe YOU are. While I do have experience with student government from high school, and I do have leadership experience through camps and club management, your opinion matters more. This sounds strange but it's far from a typo. 

I know from experience that the most important asset to a student government are the students governed. Your voice is more powerful than ours and it must be heard--no, it will be heard. 

Vote for me as one of your sophomore senators and I'll get you and your voice out into the UW Bothell community. Vote for a leader and a friend; vote Bryant Nguyen.

Thank you!

Maria Raza

Hey Class of 2020!

I am so excited to be running for your Sophomore Class Senator! During our Freshmen year, I was privileged to get to know members of our class as Freshmen Senator and share these exhilarating new experiences with such a bright group of people. It was an honor to work tirelessly for the Class of 2020! 

I had one goal set in mind: to accomplish my pledges as First-Year Senator. An aspiration of mine was to connect students through clubs and various activities. An essential college experience is that students continue to discover clubs that are relevant to their background and future. This is a productive way to relieve stress, but also allows like-minded people to connect as friends. Thus, I have been actively promoting new clubs on campus. From helping people find their true passions, directing them to resources about different groups, or giving lectures in my Discovery Core classes about the wide variety of current opportunities. I accomplished this aspect and will continue to advocate for student organizations!

The future: We need to improve parking, food, diversity, and health resources on our campus without raising tuition. As students we pay the same tuition as our sister campuses, yet lack similar resources. I plan to create surveys that will assist in gathering information to help reduce costs of parking and increase food choices on campus, without affecting the current student budget. To create a more inclusive campus I will personally advocate for a diversity center to be well-resourced. Lastly, a prominent issue I will tackle in the following year are our health services. I am passionate about funding a health center for UWB. Many of our peers are in need of these dire health services this year, but were unable to obtain access to professional help. We need a health system that treats injuries, illnesses, and provides preventative information!

Implementing these changes will be a team effort! I can and will provide this class with my leading vision to enhance our time here as a Sophomore Senator! Go Dawgs!