Student Life

Learning Objectives

Attendees/Volunteers for the MLK Jr. Day of Service will learn to:

 Leadership Development
  • Articulate and reflect on individual role and responsibilities as a volunteer participant.
  • Generate and assess goals for volunteer task force.
  • Evaluate and provide critical analysis of individual participation and personal effectiveness.
Communication & Collaboration
  • Speak in clear, direct, and constructive manner.
  • Work effectively with others to accomplish group goals related to specific volunteer project.
Civic Engagement & Responsibility
  • Engage actively and thoughtfully in programs to support community, social, economic, and educational development.
  • Encourage and promote community building.
  • Work with a diverse range of people in a variety of situations.
  • Articulate the role of civic engagement in relation to civil rights & work of MLK Jr.
Personal Development & Evaluation
  • Articulate and reflect on personal skills/abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Balance commitments and assess time management skills.
  • Reflect and articulate on how personal experience (cultural, work, beliefs, values, etc.) influence decision-making.
  • Reflect on and provide analysis of personal development and learning.
  • Reflect on personal contribution of your volunteer opportunity to the greater ideas of social justice

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