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Posted on: January 5, 2017

City of Bothell reaffirms policy on immigration

Given recent local and national attention on immigration, the Bothell Police Department seeks to inform residents about its policy on the issue. The Bothell Police Department has a longstanding policy of refraining from inquiring into anyone’s immigration status.

“This protects everyone, both documented and undocumented residents,” said Bothell Police Chief Carol Cummings. “I want all residents to feel free to report crimes without fear of having to disclose their immigration status.”

The policy on foreign nationals states, in part:

“The enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws is primarily the responsibility of the federal government. Accordingly, the Bothell Police Department shall not inquire into the immigration status of persons encountered during police operations except as provided for in this policy.”

It adds, “Being an undocumented resident in this country, barring any criminal activity, is a federal civil violation not enforced by the Bothell Police Department. In Bothell, only ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and other federal agencies can enforce federal laws relating to illegal entry and residence within the United States.”

Policy on foreign nationals (PDF)


UW Bothell/Cascadia News

Dear Campus Community,

To support the students, faculty and staff at UW Bothell and Cascadia College, the Campus Safety Department provides a variety of resources for our community.  Campus Safety is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and provides the following services:

·        Proactive presence on campus and response to all incidents of concern


·        Safety escorts for students, staff, and faculty between campus locations by

         foot or vehicle.

·        Access control, including admits to locked facilities/offices.

·        Traffic control, during peak volume periods, events, and emergencies.

·        Basic first aid response, including the provision of CPR and AEDs.

·        Motorist assistance, including the jump starting of stalled vehicles.

·        Crime prevention and safety awareness training, both to incoming students

         and upon request by any campus group.  

If you call us with a concern, please expect to be asked a series of questions so we can best help you, including who you are, description of the incident and people involved, etc.  We want to work together with you to make our community the safest it can be.


Additional Resources:

·        Care Team

·        Safe Campus

·        Bothell Police Department

·        uwbalert

·        Cascadia Alert


Please contact the Campus Safety Department at 425-352-5359 for additional crime prevention information, and call 911 for emergencies.

Did You Know?

UW Bothell has awarded more than 18,000 degrees.