Degree Overview

Course and Credit Requirements for Graduation

45 Credits earned through UW Bothell are required for the BSN degree:

  • 30 credits of core Nursing classes
  • 15 credits of required upper division (300-400 level) non-Nursing electives.

Required Nursing Core Curriculum

B NURS 350  (4 credits) Critical Thinking in Nursing
B NURS 403  (5 credits) Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Inquiry
B NURS 407  (5 credits) Cultural and Social Issues in Health Care
B NURS 409 (5 credits) Partnerships in Community Health
B NURS 410 (5 credits) Legal & Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice
B NURS 430 (5 credits) Relational Leadership in Nursing
B NURS 495  (1 credit) Senior Portfolio

Additional Requirements for non-Nursing Electives 

Five credits of electives are required to be a B HS or B HLTH course,  and the other ten credits may be from any School at UW Bothell, including NHS.  Ineligible courses are classes in the B NURS, BISSKL, or BBSKL areas, or any statistics course. 

Electives and Meeting UW General Education Requirements

Current students who were admitted with any missing credits in the Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA) General Education area  should be choosing non-Nursing electives that also satisfy the remaining credits of your VLPA requirement, unless you want to complete more than the 45 credits required for the degree.