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School of Nursing and Health Studies

Curriculum Structure

RN to BSN Curriculum Structure

Course descriptions for the nursing coursework and health electives are available online

Curriculum Credits
Credit by Exam NCLEX-RN Washington State 45
BNURS 360  Critical Reading and Information Literacy in Nursing 5
BNURS 420  Health Policy and the Organization of Healthcare 5
BNURS 460  Translating Scholarly Knowledge to Nursing Practice 5
BNURS 421  Social Justice in Health 5
BNURS 422  Team Leadership & Care Coordination 5
BNURS 423  Ethical and Quality Nursing Care 5
BNURS 424  Population-based Health in Community Practice 5
Two electives Electives are upper division with one required Health Elective 10
Total Credits 90
Program Credit Structure
Program Structure Credits
Transfer credit (lower division) 90
Credit by Exam NCLEX-RN Washington State 45
Nursing Coursework 35
Electives 10
Total Credits 180