Curriculum and Credit Structure

View course descriptions for the nursing coursework and health electives

Curriculum Credits
Credit by Exam NCLEX-RN Washington State 45
BNURS 360  Critical Reading and Information Literacy in Nursing 5
BNURS 420  Health Policy and the Organization of Healthcare 5
BNURS 460  Translating Scholarly Knowledge to Nursing Practice 5
BNURS 421  Social Justice in Health 5
BNURS 422  Team Leadership & Care Coordination 5
BNURS 423  Ethical and Quality Nursing Care 5
BNURS 424  Population-based Health in Community Practice 5
Two electives Electives are upper-division courses; one must be a Health Elective 10
Total Credits 90
Program Credit Structure
Program Structure Credits
Transfer credit (lower division) 90
Credit by Exam NCLEX-RN Washington State 45
Nursing Coursework (core nursing courses) 35
Electives 10
Total Credits 180