Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN)

Academic Advising

Your academic advisors are here to assist you with all aspects of fulfilling your educational goals. Who your primary advisor is depends on the cohort you belong to, but we are fundamentally here to help!  So if your primary advisor is not available, please do ask for assistance from her colleague.

For Appointments

For appointments with Sandra or Celinda, please call 425-352-5376 or email

Sandra Maddox

Primary advisor for:

  • Summer Bothell Tuesday Cohort
  • Autumn Seattle Cohort

Contact information:

Office: UW1-211C
Phone: 425.352.3531

Celinda Smith

Primary Advisor for:

  • Summer Bothell Thursday Cohort
  • Autumn Bothell Thursday Cohort
  • Autumn Everett Cohort

Contact information:

Office: UW1-211A
Phone: 425-352-3530