Information and Resources for the Everett Site

Welcome to the Everett site! We hope you find the location convenient and accessible. There are two cohorts of students on site at Everett; fall start cohort and a winter start cohort.

Know your Cohort Classroom Location
  • Winter cohort has class in the EvCC Liberty Hall building, room 105.
    2000 Tower Street, Everett, WA 98201. The building is right off of Broadway on the west side.
  • Fall cohort has class in the Everett University Center. Room locaton varies. See the Time Schedule. 915 N. Broadway, Everett, WA 98201. It is the building right off of Broadway on the East Side and is also a WSU building.

Both cohorts are held to the Everett Community College parking rules and fees. Quarterly parking passes are obtained in the Cashier's Office located in the Parks Student Union building (building five on the map) or you can pay for daily parking using one of the kiosks. If you select to purchase a quarterly parking pass, provide the last four digits of your social security and inform the Cashier Office that you are a UWB student.

Use the college parking map to locate student parking. Please note that if you are part-time, you will need to provide a copy of your UWB schedule to the Cashier's Office; otherwise, you'll be charged the full-time parking rate.

Inclement Weather or Class Cancellations

At Everett Community College (EVCC) and the Everett University Center, UW Bothell follows the decisions made by the host institution; that is, if EVCC suspends operations, our UW Bothell classes are suspended in Liberty Hall and in the Everett University Center. Likewise, if UW Bothell suspends operations, no classes are held at the Everett Site. Sign up for EvCC Emergency Alerts and UW Bothell Emergency Alerts

Campus Map

Purchasing Your Books and Using the Material on Reserve

UW Bothell books are not available for purchase on site at Everett. You will need to pick up textbooks from the UW Bothell campus or you can order them online to be delivered to your home. Books and other classroom material (such as videos) are available in the reserves using the EvCC library. You faculty member will communicate this with you.

Printing and Photocopying

Each quarter you have access to print up to 350 black and white copies. 

  • Fall start students: Print in room 200 in the Everett University Center using the copy code you received from Papercut. For more information and to locate other printing station visit the Everett University Center Printing site.
  • Winter start students: Your printing/photocopy funds are tied to the Everett student identification/network account you will set up. There are laptops, printers, scanners and photocopy machines across campus in the various Computer Labs to print etc., including one on the floor of Liberty Hall for students taking courses in that building (you!).
Set up Your Student Identification and or Network Account
  • Fall start students: You will set up a Friend ID account through the Everett University Center to access the computers in the labs and to print, etc. At the start (or prior) to the quarter, you will receive an email from the following with instructions. It may seem odd to get a WSU email, but it is not spam.
  • Winter start students: You will receive an email your first quarter from your academic advisor with your Everett Community College student number with instructions on how to set up your network account. This is necessary to use the open computer labs (including their laptops you may use in class) for printing, etc.
  • Winter Start Students: Activating your network account is easy! Using your EvCC student number, log in using the instructions below and you’ll be prompted to update your password. By doing this, you will have accesses to all the services printing in the Computer Labs. Each quarter your network account is allocated $21.50 for printing and photocopying in the computer labs.

    Activate your network account now:

    Your Username will be: First initial of your first name, first initial of your middle name (or an "x", if you did not register with a middle initial) and your complete last name.

    Your initial password will be: First initial of your first name, upper case, first initial of your last name, lower case, and your student number

    Need help setting up your network account? Go to the IT Help Desk in Shuksan Hall, and a lab assistant will help you get started or call 425-388-9333.

Wireless Access

 Free and open to the public

Student Resources

You are not alone! Students of the Everett site are UW Bothell students and have full access to all student and university resources. Some resources have phone and email support such as the student IT Help Desk with Canvas assistance and tutorials, the Writing and Communications Center, the School's Nursing and Health Studies Librarian, Career Services and Counseling. If you see a student resource you'd like to use, call to see if phone appointments are available and always send an email. The Everett site provides academic and faculty advising and support on site.

Academic Advising

An academic advisor from the School of Nursing and Health Studies is on site most Tuesdays to provide advising services in Liberty Hall room 257. Drop ins are welcome!

  • Celinda Smith, Primary Advisor for the Everett Site
    • 425-352-5376
    • Liberty Hall room 257 and Everett University Center room 305
    • To schedule an appointment (even same day), call Reception at 425-352-5376.
Faculty Offices

If you'd like to meet with one of your instructors/professors on Tuesdays, schedule a time with them. They have 'touch-down' private spaces at which they can meet with you on site.