Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN)

Independent Study

Optional Independent Study Opportunities

Tamar Libicki (BSN, 2011) at the May 2011 Undergraduate Research Symposium at Mary Gates Hall, UW Seattle

In addition to the Nursing courses and required non-Nursing electives required for the Nursing major, several other courses are available as optional elective credits. These courses are meant to offer the student an opportunity to pursue a particular interest in more depth. The optional electives available in recent years have been the following courses:

  • B NURS 498, Special Projects in Nursing
  • B NURS 499, Undergraduate Research.

B NURS 498 and 499 are available every quarter, for variable credit from 1-12 credit hours. To enroll in one of these courses, a student must design a project or research topic in collaboration with a nursing faculty member; the number of credits will be negotiated between student and instructor. Course guidelines and sample contracts are available.

Some students who do B NURS 498 projects over multiple quarters with a faculty member may decide to participate in an undergraduate research symposium, such as the Annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium at UW Seattle. The photo above is of Tamar Libicki (BSN, 6/2011) displaying her poster of her two-quarter project with Dr. Andrea Kovalesky called Fiber Arts in Contemporary Healthcare at the May 2011 UW Seattle Symposium.