Health and Safety - Background Check Policy

Background Check Policy

Admitted and continuing students

New nursing students (and students re-admitted to the program who have attended previously) will receive instructions in their official Offer of Admission letter or email to run a background check through a private national records verification agency chosen by the UW Bothell School of Nursing & Health Studies. All students pay a fee for this service, waivers are not available.

Newly admitted (and re-admitted) students must complete a National and Washington State (WATCH) background check upon admission to the program and prior to attending orientation.   

The national background check service will provide the School of Nursing and Health Studies with required background check information for all U.S. states.

Continuing students must maintain a Washington State (WATCH) background check completed within the past twelve months throughout their enrollment in the School of Nursing and Health Studies. Continuing students will be asked to renew their background checks annually until they graduate.

Completing the background check

The School of Nursing and Health Studies will advise you when you should run your background check. Do NOT run the check before you have been officially notified that you have been admitted to the School.

Carefully follow the instructions below based on your program and current student status:

Ordering your background check

  1. Visit the CastleBranch website at to order your background check
  2. Select your program level (RN-BSN or MN) from the dropdown menu
  3. New incoming nursing students should choose the “Background Check” option
  4. Current and continuing nursing students running a renewal should choose the “Recheck Background Check” option
  5. Follow the remaining directions on the CastleBranch website to submit your order

Important notes

  • The UW Bothell School of Nursing and Health Studies will have online access to your completed CastleBranch background check. If your background check raises concerns related to your participation in a nursing program, you will be contacted by a School representative.
  • The background check is REQUIRED as a nursing student. Submit the necessary information to CastleBranch in a timely fashion so that your check can be reviewed. Without it, your offer of admittance will be revoked. Background checks that show evidence of a positive criminal history are considered on a case by case basis.
  • While we cannot waive the background check fee.

Technical support

For technical support (e.g., problems with the CastleBranch website, payment issues), please contact CastleBranch customer service at 1.888.914.7279 or

General support

For general questions about this process, please contact us at or 425-352-5376.