University and BSN  GPA Requirements for Graduation

Required Coursework and Credits

Students must earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in each required nursing course and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Required Coursework and Credits by Exam Credits
NCLEX-RN Washington State: Must be completed by the end of the 2nd quarter in the program.  45
BNURS 360 Critical Thinking in Nursing  5
BNURS 420  Health Policy and the Organization of Healthcare 5
BNURS 460  Translating Scholarly Knowledge to Nursing Practice 5
BNURS 421  Social Justice in Health 5
BNURS 422  Team Leadership & Care Coordination 5
BNURS 423  Population-Based Health in Community Practice 5
Two Electives - See elective criteria below 10
Total Required Program Credits 90
Selecting Your Electives

There is not a list of electives from which to choose. Rather, they are listed in the Time Schedule each quarter. Select your electives using the following criteria or simply take the two Health Electives embedded into your cohort class schedule.

  • Electives must be numerically graded coursework from the UWB schedule and at the 300/400 level. No BNURS, BBSKL or Stats coursework may be used as electives.
  • One of the two electives must be a Health Elective (BHLTH). The second elective may be any UWB course that conforms to the requirements above.

To find electives, browse the quarterly Time Schedule under the School of Nursing and Health Studies or browse other School's courses that meet the above criteria. Electives fill quickly and open to all non-nursing students Period II of Registration.

University Requirements for a Baccalaureate Degree

The RN to BSN has embedded the University Requirements for issue of a Baccalaureate degree into its admission requirements and program curriculum. Other than being sure to earn a 2.0 in all your courswork, you will meet the required credits and UW General Education (also known as Areas of Knowledge) via the courswork.

Credit Completion Note

A Bachelor's Degree requires 180 applicable credits. Students typically transfer in 90 lower divisions credits. Those who do not, will need to complete the missing credits to total the 180 for the undergraduate degree.