Required Material

Nursing Goal Statement

Your statement should demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively in writing and should be well composed and developed. In 400-650 words, highlight your educational and professional goals answering the following prompts.

  1. What inspires your interest in completing your BSN with the UW Bothell program?
  2. Describe your long term professional and academic plans and aspirations.
  3. How do you believe a Bachelor of Science in Nursing will aid you toward meeting your goals and or enhance your nursing practice?
Nursing Resume

In no more than two pages and include the following:

  • Educational History:  In reverse chronological order, including starting and ending years, and anticipated date of graduation from nursing school (if still a student). Include clinical rotations in the Educational history; not work history and any Licenses, certifications, or other nursing credentials you may have.
  • Work History:  In reverse chronological with all starting and ending months and years.  Be sure to briefly account for all employment gaps.
  • Volunteering History: if applicable to nursing, leadership, or human services, please include.
Two Nursing Recommendations

An Academic recommendation and a professional recommendation. Names and type of recommenders are submitted as part of the online application. The Office of Admissions will send recommenders a link to fill out the form.

An Academic Recommendation:  If you graduated from a nursing program within five years of the time of application, submit an academic recommendation from your nursing program. Examples include, nursing instructor, nursing clinical instructor/supervisor, or the current nursing program director. A nursing instructor who knows your academic work is preferred over a nursing program director when possible. If it has been more than five years since you graduated from your nursing program, a professional or non-nursing academic recommendation is acceptable.
A Professional Recommendation:  A nursing or healthcare related supervisor recommendation is preferred. If you are currently employed, the recommendation must be from your current supervisor; nursing, health care related, or otherwise or; if you are not currently employed, either a former supervisor, or an academic recommendation is acceptable.

Educational transcripts

Electronic submission is recommended. You are required to submit all transcripts. High school transcript are only required if you completed Intermediate Algebra and or World Language in high school; if not, only submit college transcripts.

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