What it Means to be on The Waitlist

If you received a notification of placement on the waitlist, it means that you have met the admissions criteria for admissions; however, due to receiving more admissible applicants than there are seats, we are not currently able to offer admission to the program unless a seat opens prior to the start of the quarter you applied.

Frequently and for any number of reasons, admitted applicants plans change and a seat opens up. There is no way to know if and/or when a space will open up for anyone who is waitlisted. However, waitlist lengths are limited to a number that is realistic in terms of how many spaces we think may open and your letter notes what number you are on the waitlist. If you are offered a seat at one of our other locations, we encourage you to consider that option as soon as possible as seats are limited. 

While on the waitlist, we recommend that you prepare for the possibility that a seat in case one become available. Explore the following websites: Admitted Students, Orientation and Transitions, University Resources, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and the Academic Calendar so that you are familiar with the starting date of school, deadlines, and resources available to all students.

What to Expect Next
  • If a seat becomes available, we will contact you anytime between now and one business week prior to the quarter. If this happens, you will be expected to complete the required steps for admitted students. If you do not hear from us, you can assume a seat did not open up; see next point.
  • If a seat does not open, you will reapply for a future quarter. Your waitlisted status does not carry over to the next quarter. The Office of Admission requires that you submit a new university application and provide updated materials and or transcripts. Your transcripts and letters of recommendation are retained for one year to streamline the process. If when you re-apply your employment has changed or you complete more coursework, you will be required to supply an updated resume, a new supervisory recommendation and and updated college transcript.  Please work with the Office of Admissions at 425-352-5000 or uwbinfo@uw.edu

Keep us informed of any email, address and telephone changes prior to the start of the quarter, and monitor your email on a regular basis. If your contact information changes, inform the Office of Admissions at uwbinfo@uw.edu or call 425-352-5000

We sincerely hope we will have the opportunity to offer you a seat.  We appreciate your interest in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN program, and we wish you every success in achieving all of your professional and educational objectives.