Changing Your Quarter of Admission to The Program

We understand the plans and circumstances change which may require that you start the program at a later quarter. To move your application to a different quarter; follow the instructions below.

  • Decline your existing offer: Email with your full name as it appears on the application. State that you are declining the offer of admission to the quarter and site to which you've been admitted.
  • Move your application: Follow the instruction on how to 'move your application' to the new starting quarter.
  • Withdraw from your course(s): If you are enrolled in any UW Bothell coursework, withdraw from all your courses. Withdrawing from your courses is your responsibility; the University does not do this for you. Any unpaid tuition is the responsibility of the student/applicant who declined the offer. If you need assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar

If it has been no more than one year, Admissions will use the application materials you originally submitted. If your employment status changes, submit an updated resume and supervisor recommendation, and if you've taken more college coursework submit updated transcripts. For assistance, contact the Office of Admissions at 425-352-5000 or

Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed and a new admissions decision will be made. The re-application process should be fairly easy.