Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Background Check

Background Check for Accepted Applicants

Congratulations on your offer of admission to the UW Bothell RN to BSN program. One of your next steps is to immediately complete the State and National Background. Once you have completed the background check with acceptable results, your offer of admissions will be confirmed via email. Please complete the background check by the stated deadline on your acceptance letter to secure your seat in the program.

You will complete the background check using our Online Service; Castle Branch. The current cost for the background check is $54.00. Should your background check raise areas of concern related to your participation in the program, you will be contacted by a representative of the Nursing Program.  For example of offenses that would result in ineligibility, see the Department of Social and Health Services Secretary’s list of Crimes and Negative Actions.

Use this handout with  instructions to purchase the background check.

Other considerations:
  • Please keep in mind that the RN to BSN Program has access to your completed background check report.
  • The background check is good for one year. If you select the part time option or delay your graduation, you will be asked to renew your background check each year until graduation.
  • The background check with acceptable results is required as part of your admittance to the program. Without it, your offer of admittance will be rescinded by the date stated on your admissions package; do not wait to start the process.
  • Background checks that provide evidence of a positive criminal history will be considered on a case by case basis. 
  • We understand that the cost of running a background check can be burdensome, however, the fee cannot be waived. 

For assistance with technical issues, please contact Castle Branch at 888.723.4263 x7196 or submit a request.