Office of Research

How To Get Your Poster Printed

Instructions On How to Get A Poster Printed



1. Format your PowerPoint slide to one of the standard sizes available, either (24"H x 36"W) or (36"H x 48"W) 

  • We recomend that posters be created in or at least saved in the newest version of Power Point (2013) to decrease the chance of complications
  • Custom sizes are available to print but we are unable to trim the poster
  • Make sure the PowerPoint slide is sized the same as the poster you requested
  • Typically "Landscape" is the most common way to display your poster
  • You will be notified if any major issues are noticed before printing but no edits will be down to the poster
  • Poster changes or reprints are subject to additional costs

2. Email your PowerPoint file to Nick Begley at

  • Include in the subject line "Poster Print Request" with the size of the poster
  • Attach the file to the email and send
  • You will receive a confirmation that your email has been received
  • Change the subject line to "Questions" for any questions about the poster

3. Wait for an email to confirm when the poster will be availabile to pick up

  • You will receive an email in 24-48 that your poster is available for pick up
  • During end of the quarter, allow for as much time as you can
  • All requests will be handled on a first come first serve basis


1. (Self-Purchase) Go to the Cashier's desk, located in Husky Hall

  • Pay for the specific size poster you requested or were instructed to purchase
  • Obtain a receipt of your purchase
  • If a custom size was ordered, you will be instructed on which size to purchase

2. (Faculty/Staff Purchase) Provide the budget, department & faculty/staff name

  • All the above information must be provide by either the faculty member or student prior to the printing of the poster

Pick Up:

1. The poster can be picked up in the Student Success Center (UW1-160)

  • (Self-Purchase)You will need to show your receipt to the Student Assistant at the front desk to obtain your poster
  • Posters will be labeled with the LAST name of the person who sent the email
  • The Student Assistant will verify and collect your receipt
  • If you are picking up a poster for someone else, please give the last name of the person who sent the print request
  • (Faculty Staff Purchase) Please provide your LAST name, it should say PAID on the poster.