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You CAN be a student researcher!

    The notion of performing research as an undergraduate student can be a bit intimidating.  But being part of a research or creative project as an undergraduate can help you discover your hidden talents and interests. Research projects can also lead to scholarships and awards. Plus,  it looks good on a resume or graduate school application.

EE Student Working in the Discovery Hall 3-D Printing Lab

EE Student Working in the Discovery Hall 3-D Printing Lab


The Undergraduate Research Database

This database is a place where faculty from all UW campuses will post research opportunities for  undergraduate students.  To view these opportunities, click here.  To view many of the opportunities available on the UW Bothell campus, click here.

  UW Bothell's Office of Research has merit awards  for students participating in undergraduate research.   These awards allow students to focus more attention and time on their research.  To learn about applying, click here.

Getting started   

Here are some tips to help you get started in the world of research.

Talk to faculty

 "Chat up your faculty members," says Linda Watts, professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS).  "It's not hard to get us talking, especially if you ask about our research."  Most faculty members are involved in some type of research; don't be shy.

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"Talk to your Professors about their Research"

Start sooner rather than later

  "The sooner you realize you might be interested in pursuing research opportunities, the more possibilities open up to you," Watts says. Student Brendan Mclane noted that "once you do some research, you find there is an audience beyond these walls who are interested in what you are excited about. There are opportunities out there."

Don't be intimidated

  "All students can do research if they want to," says Julie Shayne, a lecturer in IAS.  "We have amazing resources both at our campus and at the Seattle campus.  There are many places to submit papers, attend symposia and compete for awards.  The opportunities are available and our faculty members are very willing to work with students."

 "You're not going to ever know everything," Mclane says.  "Sometimes you feel like you have to.  Don't be intimidated."

Secret weapon #1: The librarian

The librarian is your best friend and resource when it comes to performing research.  "The library workshops are very helpful," Mclane says.  "I founds great tools to use and the librarians are amazing."

Take small steps

 "My first ideas were huge and vague," says Chris McRae, who won a Mary Gates Scholarship for his research on veterans.  "Think of something you can do in a year."  If you don't want to start from scratch, McRae recommends students ask to participate in a faculty member's research project.  "You don't have to do all the back-breaking work yourself."

Steps you can take today:

  1. Talk to Faculty about their research and creative projects.
  2. Take a class that has research projects embedded in the class.
  3. Check out the Research-In-Action a two-credit course through FYPP.
  4. Talk to an Undergraduate Research Adviser.

Check out the following for more opportunities:

  1. The Undergraduate Research Database: Steps and lists of research opportunities at the UW can be found here.
  2. UW Bothell's Undergraduate Research Fair: Opportunities specifically for UWB students. Find out when our next Research Fair is happening!

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