Office of Research Support

ORS 2007 Annual Report

The Year in Review

We are pleased to present the first annual report of research administration activities at UWB.  In its first year of operation, the office has provided leadership for the development of policies and programs that foster a campus culture that is supportive of research and creative works.  A few highlights:

  • A new tracking form, designed to improve campus-wide data while facilitating approvals and planning for all external support sought, became policy July 2007.
  • The Grants Administration Support Program (GASP) was organized to provide a forum for grant and department administrators to share information and develop a consistent set of grant administration skills. Membership includes: Annie Brelsford, Pam DePriest, Mary Howisey, Janet McDaniel and Jim Pilon.
  • A Weekly Grant Opportunity Bulletin was initiated on Sept 6, 2006 to provide faculty and administrators with timely email notification of grant and contract opportunities. In March, they became bi-weekly and during the summer, monthly. Meetings with individual faculty to learn more about research interests allows the funneling of specific opportunities as they are discovered.
  • Assisted faculty in engaging undergraduates in research by meeting with two of Prof. Rob Turner's classes. In the fall BIS 392 pursued King County water quality grant proposals; in the spring BIS 300 laid the ground work for an application to an Environmental Protection Agency student competition, People Prosperity and the Planet.
  • In January 2007, two information sessions were held for new faculty titled, "Where's the Money?" In particular, the office sought to provide resources and meet individually with all new faculty, even if they weren't able to attend the sessions.

Almost $1.5 million in the form of internal and external grants went to support research at UW Bothell over the past year.  Not surprisingly, the majority of principal investigators (PIs) come from the largest program, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS).  There are two major PIs, each of whom is supported by a grants administrator or program coordinator. 

Dr. Dan Jaffe (IAS) has the highest number of grants (4) and studies atmospheric environment.  Dr. Tom Bellamy's grant, "Leaders for Teacher-Preparing Schools" is the largest (over $500,000 per year from the Dept of Education) and is listed under the Education Program, to give a more accurate picture of the current situation. 


2006-2007 Success Rate


   Number Submitted  Amount Requested  Number Funded  Amount Funded  Percent Funded
Federal   8  $2,692,862  5  $1.443.647  75%
 State  2  $69,750  2  $69,750  100%
 Private  7  $162,500  3  $112,500  43%
 Internal  14  $227,546  8  $87,546  57%
 Other  3  $154,837  2  $29,837  66%

Although the majority of funding comes from the federal government, with the highest award totals over multiple years, investigators here (and across the country) are increasingly turning to smaller, private foundations in hopes that their research can find a local supporter.  In every case, the Office of Research support seeks to help build long term relationships between UWB researchers and sponsors.   


Goals for the Coming Year


  1.  Increase the number of individual investigators funded externally over the academic year
  1. Improve the level of collaboration and interdisciplinary research
  1. Engage more undergraduate students in research


Over the coming year it will be imperative to develop a strategic plan/ research agenda answering the question: "What do we want to be known for?" and continue to grow the office to be consistent with campus needs and direction.  Internal grants will remain an important tool, providing seed money to research projects in their fledgling stages, with real promise of attracting external funds after a pilot phase.  By either sponsoring or publicizing workshops and seminars highlighting the research activities of faculty, the office will aim to attract individuals with common interests and unite them over ideas. 

A significant goal is to promote the use of UWB undergraduates as potential research assistants by implementing an undergraduate research competition.  Finally, the use of consistent administrative procedures and a comprehensive communication strategy will provide the infrastructure with which to achieve the stated goals of the Office of Research Support at the University of Washington Bothell over the 2007-2008 academic year. 

Questions?  Comments?  Please contact Carolyn Brennan at or 425-352-5355