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Office of Research

Project Closeout

Process owners:

  • Office of Research
  • Principal Investigator
  • School/Program
  • University shared functions (GCA, OSP, HSD, IACUC)
  • Office of Budget and Planning/Human Resources
  • Sponsor

Steps to closing out a project:

  1. Budget closeout - making sure all expenses are appropriate
  2. Report to sponsor - detailed report of the research
  3. Report to campus - publicizing research through forums, faculty meetings, etc.
  4. Lessons learned - not every project runs smoothly - must always looks for process improvements

Even when a project is concluded, the process will comntinue through either extension grants to continue research or projects, as well as to create visibility on and off campus about the research that was done and the impact it is having.


Did You Know?

UW Bothell is the fourth fastest growing four-year, public university in the nation.