Office of Research

Grant Writing Process

Process owners:

  • Office of Research
  • Principal Investigator
  • School/Program
  • Office of Budget & Planning/Human Resources

Phase I: Initial meetings and grant start-up

  1. Meetings with PI and Office of Research
  2. Assessment of grant competitiveness
  3. Initialize eGC1 and other documentation (SAGE)
  4. Grant application schedule mark-up

 Phase II: Grant writing

(Grant Writers available)

  1. Regular meetings with PI and Program
  2. Application assembly
  3. Initial estimated budget
  4. Meetings and interaction with all UWB key personnel
  5. Office of Research mid-review
  6. Application: final document assembly
  7. Final budget review

Phase III: Grant submission

  1. Final application review and adjustments
  2. Submission to Office of Sponsored Programs (7 days prior to sponsor deadline)