Office of Research Support

ORS 2008 Annual Report

The Year in Review

2008 Annual Report (pdf)

A few highlights of the second annual report of research administration activities at UW Bothell include:

    • The addition of the Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) brought 30 active grants representing $14.1 million in total awards from 22 unique sponsors, and 32 grant-supported employees into the UW Bothell family on July 1, 2008.
    • New infrastructure to support this growth in grants was developed in collaboration with the Finance & Administration (F&A) department. Pre-award activities will be focused in the Office of Research Support while post-award activities will be focused in F&A.
    • The University of Washington reached a significant milestone in FY07, receiving over $1 billion in sponsored research. External funds support up to 60% of direct expenditures for instruction, research and other academic programs on average across the university. At UW Bothell and UW
      Tacoma, the percent of external support is 4%.

2007-2008 Success Rate 


   Number Submitted  Amount Requested  Number Funded  Amount Funded  Percent Funded
Federal   7  $2,022,923  2  $739,817  33%
 Non-federal  9  $3,363,985  7  $3,223,985  78%
Total 15  $5,386,985  9  $3,963,802  60%

The table above is meant to give a current snapshot of the status of UW Bothell applications. It includes:

    • Applications submitted between March 2007 - August 2008
    • Two large awards ($1.2 million from the Carnegie Foundation and $1.3 million from Mathematica Policy Research) to Paul Hill at the Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE).

It does not include five applications submitted between May and November 2008, about which we await further information.


Goals for the Coming Year


  1. Research roundtables aimed at improving grantsmanship skills
  1. Convene an Office of Research Support Advisory Board with the goal of enhancing services
  1. Collaborative Undergraduate research with a summer focus
  1. Identify opportunities in priority areas: Sustainability, STEM, community-based,

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